Thursday, December 27, 2007

Friends of Friends II

It's crazy how interconnected everyone really is. Six Degrees of Separation is no joke. Tonight I talked with two people that brought a smile to my face.

The first was Kelly. Kelly was one of my first readers and made me an AWESOME birthday picture last year. (HINT HINT!!) Anyway, I had been chatting with JR and he was talking about how they went out in LA for a night on the town and speak of the devil, he pops online. We caught up and I'm so happy that he is on his way with life and having a good time! It was so good chatting with him.

The second was this guy from New York, AP. AP is friends of friends with the OTHER JP down in DC (Are you guys following along?)

Well, we talked online and he chatted with me on the way home from work. A very fun conversation that made me realize how small the gay world is. He informed me that a guy I had seen out a few times in New York broke up with his boyfriend. We also have the guy who dicked me over in common, who is apparently now dating the guy he left the bar with the night we were supposed to meet up. AP said I had a sexy voice. Turned me on... Why do I meet guys in NY... AFTER I move for my career?!?!?!?

AP is a sexy guy, we'll see what happens. He's also a blog reader and is reading this and has a cute smile on his face....

Anyway... Mike Biserta, the FDNY Calendar guy that was in a Guys gone wild video, is apparently doing some modeling now. I went to school with a lot of guys that look like him, had many crushes on guys that look like him and thought I would share some of the pics I have found of him. (Thanks Dudetube and JDVISION)


  1. No. Pay attn. He's dating the guy he met when I was hanging out with him at Gym, not you. Silly.

  2. haha, well that guy has made a career for himself hasn't he, haha.