Monday, December 10, 2007

A nice little Friday...

I had a great weekend and was able to put some faces to a few blogs out there, which is always a good time! I was in the city for the Holiday Party and it went awesome! I met my date Ryan up near the club on the East Side and had some pizza with 2 former co-workers. We walked over to the party and it was non-stop hugs and drinks from there.

I was pretty excited that Ryan said he could go to the party. I had the extra ticket and thought he would enjoy because we work in similar fields and also would be a good time to chill with him because he's a great guy. To those thinking he may be a love interest of mine, he has an awesome boyfriend and it's strictly friends.

I was able to see two of my favorite anchors I worked with at the party. The drinks kept flowing and Ryan and I were feeling pretty good as the night was wrapping up at the party.

Open bar at a holiday party is dangerous. You start saying things to people, getting too close and if anyone from HR was there I can only imagine what kind of inappropriate stuff was going on.

Ryan and I jumped in a cab and headed downtown to see Billy, K, Justin and Christian at Barracuda. From there it gets hazy... I remember talking to this really cute boy named Erik who gave me his number. His family has recently moved from the city to Connecticut and he comes home every so often to see them, along with his 5 year old son.

A good time was had the rest of the night heading to GYM Bar for a drink hoping I would see a guy from when I lived in NY but again was dicked over. Said boy even called me mid-week to tell me how excited he was to see me and he dicked me over again.

We headed to G after the dicking over happened and from there some of us had fun.

Overall it was a good weeekend. The GIANTS beat Philly which always makes me smile and are heading to the playoffs!!!


  1. "We headed to G after the dicking over happened and from there some of us had fun."

    Understatement of the fucking century....LOL!

  2. I want to see the pictures of you forcing poor little Christian forcibly pretending to perform fellatio on you. Classic!

    Oh, and you can puke in my hotel room anytime you see fit, so long as I am passed out drunk on a "heavenly" bed.