Thursday, December 6, 2007

Catching up with Ugly Betty

I'm not saying this because I work for the parent company... but I am really enjoying some of the programming on ABC as of late. One show I have got into is Ugly Betty. Some people may say, "That's very Gay of you." The show is fun, entertaining and I happen to love one of the newest storylines on the show.

Marc St. James is the bitchy, queen assistant to Wilehmina Slater at MODE Magazine. One of the funnier characters on the show because of how over the top he is on the show. The writers this season gave him a love interest named Cliff. After Elton interviewed David Blue who plays Cliff on the show and I have fallen for the character of Cliff on the show because I relate to him a lot.

The character of Cliff is described as, "an overweight, fashion-impaired gay man, Marc’s opposite in almost every way." Cliff is the all around nice guy who is true to himself and just a loveable guy. He isn't THAT much overweight, but I guess it's Fat to people in Hollywood.

The first episode where Cliff comes around, Marc disses Cliff for another guy while out and instead of retreating he sticks up for himself and calls himself a catch. That is what I like about the character. He is a catch. I would want Cliff as a boyfriend hands down.

Drinks beer, watched football, loves to take pictures and really cute... The total package.

There is a Cliff out there for all of us. It takes some time to find him, but he is out there for us searching for a guy like that.


  1. I totally love Ugly Betty... I think the way the writeers stick it to the "conventional" fashion and hollywood scene is great.

    I love the way Wilhemina and Marc have evolved into mutli-dimensional characters... and the Cliff story line is great. Cliff showed a vulnerable side, one that is atypical of the steroetype of gay men, yet is more like reality of gay men... It was so positive how Marc became more self-aware simply because of cliff, about how someone like cliff can be more than just an exterior, about how marc got to see that at the wedding, when cliff was getting attention from the waiter...