Thursday, December 6, 2007


Oh I love my friends! Cooper and I were talking before I headed to the gym. He was at school, studying and out of the blue he exclaims, "There is a boy here that is totally your type"

I type back, "Send a picture!"

"10 steps ahead of you friend"

The boy is cute, from afar and really is a type of guy I would go for, but have yet to find.

On a side note, I am really excited for this weekend. Friday night, the morning show I used to work for, is having it's Holiday Party and I got invited which is awesome.

After the party I am meeting up with Billy, Justin (who is in town from chicago) and others for drinks possibly down in Chelsea.

I am bringing my friend Ryan to the party as a date which should be fun. I hope the party is not lame.

Off to the gym!


  1. Possibly? Oh, it's on man, it's fuckin' ON!

  2. might be lame, but it might turn out to be an awesome~! hopefully it was the latter one~! Cheers mate

  3. is there a term yet for anonymous hot men in public being gay blogged. ha, very nice pic.
    look forward to hearing about your NYC weekend JP.
    take care, later.