Thursday, December 13, 2007

"We miss you..."

I have been meaning to bring this up since the weekend and thought I would do so now. Last Saturday I hung out with Justin after K left us to go study for finals. We walked around the city and up to the UWS where I used to work. On our way there, I ran into a former anchor I used to work with. It was really good to see him and he has this boy-ish midwestern charm to him. We talked for about 10 minutes about nothing, caught up on everything and after we said our goodbyes I brought Justin into where I used to work.

As I showed him the edit room I would sit and chat from, my old desk in the newsroom, There were 3 desk editors working, one of whom I recently helped out at my new job. Her face lit up and she gave me a big hug. I introduced Justin to everyone working and talked with my former co-workers.

"We miss you JP" she said. "You came up so huge for us." she continued. It made me feel really good that I was appreciated and that I helped out in a good way. "We miss you"

That hit me really hard. It was a big decision to leave New York for this new job, but I really like my new job, over my old one. Granted, I am not doing as much production work as I am coordinating people and such at the new job, but so far, the move and new job are paying off.

I told Justin that it made me feel good that I was missed. I have been thinking about it since that day. I received a card today in the mail at work from the editor I saw on Saturday. It was a really nice card thanking me for all my help and telling me that if I decide to come back to New York in the future to call her and she would be sure to find a job for me.

After all the frustration of working the graveyard shift, getting passed over for promotions and all the other BS I had to endure at the old job, this was a moment I have been waiting for. Not many people get it, and I am happy to have got it now.

She also sent e-mails to my current bosses and they have been happy and surprised that I have caught on to the job so quickly and have been motivated to do more.

Makes me feel so good. What also makes me feel good is a guy I am talking to. He called me on the phone today and we chatted for about an hour. He's cute, loves music, knows nothing about sports and is going to be a Doctor. I'm not holding my breath.


  1. Oh man, I though that woman was about to go on you! She likes you. Really, really likes you!

    Oh, and I really regret not sitting in Charlie Gibson's chair...really.

    Thanks for the cool tour JP!

  2. Excited about this new guy...keep us updated!

    This wouldn't happen to be the one who's name starts with a "D" would it?

    If betta jump on that with the QUICKNESS.....dude was hot!

  3. knows nothing about sports???? what?? and you're still talking. that cant be too bad man, good luck. hope you have another graet weekend.

  4. Must be nice knowing you are missed!