Tuesday, December 18, 2007

10 Inches...

I was driving home from work tonight and THIS is how cold it was. 12 Degrees!!! Seriously... We haven't seen this kind of weather in December in a LONG TIME.

I feel like I have only been posting about my weekends lately. I have been busy with work... working out... and being lazy.

I know, working out and being lazy just don't go together. We got 10 inches of snow here near Hartford last week. It was crazy trying to get to work. I was fine, but the people driving cars without 4wheel drive were idiots.

Friday was a disappointment. I talked to my best friend for the first time in what seemed like months. He has been having a rough month. In high school our rough month was February. Something shitty always happened after my birthday... it was like clockwork.

Anyway, I called him and he was really down. Lots of personal and job related shit that all hit at once and I wanted to cheer him up. I was his best man. I said I would drive over and we would hang out for the night. Have a guys night. He was pumped. It was one of those moments where I knew it was gunna be a long night split over a 30 pack of beer.

I was making dinner, preparing some stuff to bring over and he calls me back. His wife took off from work early and he was gunna spend the night with her and the dogs. Sigh... The whip was cracked. I called up one of my fraternity little brothers who is still living in state and asked him what he was doing. His GF was out of town so I headed down to see him about a half hour away. We drank our faces off and played video games all night till 5am. Shooting the shit, talking about nothing at all and having a good time.

Saturday was a day that I was looking forward to. I drove down to my parents house on Saturday to be ahead of the storm that was coming in on Saturday night/Sunday morning so I would be there to leave for the Giants game.

I called D... who is the guy I have been talking to online. We met on MySpace and like I said a few posts ago, I wasn't holding my breath. After I had a wonderful steak dinner with the parents I went and met D for a movie to see Gone Baby Gone. I really liked the movie and meeting him in person was great. He is very handsome, Irish with light brown/reddish hair and fair skin. He is really cute and studying to be a Doctor. No moves were made during the movie. After the movie we grabbed coffee/hot chocolate and it just got awkward.

I don't know what was up, but it felt like nothing clicked between us. You know how you meet someone and you know it just clicks one way or another. We have all had it happen, wether it was a sexual attraction or just getting along as friends. There was nothing. Too bad too, he is really cute.

Sunday was a BLAH day. You may think I am crazy but I spent most of the afternoon under a tent, watching football next to a heater in the parkinglot of Giants Stadium in the Swamps of Jersey. We had steak, chilli, scallops wrapped with bacon, pork loin, hamburgers, grilled chicken breast, 5 types of stuffed bread from a bakery in the Bronx and 10 types of beers. Not to mention the blackberry brandy that was being passed around. We have a great time tailgating.

The Giants lost the game and didn't even show up to play. It was a disgrace! I did have fun tailgating. That's what matters.


  1. Yeah I know what you mean, it kinda sucks if there is no chemistry and things just get awkward, esp when online they seem like a completely different person.. I think it boils down to keyboard courage.

  2. The no chemistry thing is a familiar deal. You think you have this good deal going and then find out it isn't working for whatever reason. The computer age I guess.

    I wondered how you people out in the land of winter got along when it's so damn cold and there is weather. A tent, a heater. We'd never think of that when tailgating. We'd go in an RV probably.

  3. Blackberry brandy! I like how you roll!

  4. He is not a cool guy....we've discussed him at length.

    Just gonna have to bag another hottie.....it honestly will not be that hard for you...trust K

  5. You'd think it was the super bowl, the way the DC people celebrated the win. I can't stand the 'skins.

    But, and this is HUGE, it was like winning the Super Bowl when the Dolphins won their first game of the season. The entire south florida population must have erupted in joy. Come to think of it, that's probably the biggest win since they won Super Bowl VII in 1974... ancient history, but the reason I am a Dolphins fan today.

    Happy Holidays.