Friday, December 21, 2007

Work Crush Speaks

I have many crushes so-to-speak. There is one however that I see on a daily basis, KS. He is about my age and one of my first days in the newsroom we passed each other while I was walking to the bathroom. He is in amazing shape and looks like he may have been a college athlete because he is pretty jacked up.

A few weeks ago, while changing at the gym, my Gym crush was not present but KS was. I was excited to see KS was just beginning his work out and that I was as well. We both have the same "in" time so our workouts would be about the same length. I got in the zone because he was there. Worked harder, pushed my sets, really felt the burn the next day. I watched the clock and knew I had just enough time to shower change and head to the newsroom. I was in the zone and I lost track of KS.

As I was changing for my shower KS walked in. I have always kept it cool in the lockeroom. He took his shirt off and I thought I might have lost control and fainted. His upper body was sculpted like a Greek Adonis. I was amazed.

I made my way to work, only to bump into him a few times. We do the "nod" and "What's up?" that almost everyone does here.

Today, KS spoke. From where I sit, I have a direct line of sight of KS. It's distracting really. I was typing part of a script today, got up to stretch and saw KS walking over to talk to the Senior. He was fumbling with his hands, OH NO! A silver ring.... But wait... it's on his right hand. PHEW! Not married. He spoke, I have never heard his voice and I was surprised what came out.

He walks with confidence, as he should with a fine tuned body as he has. When he spoke it was soft and a little high pitched. I was a little surprised. My work crush and I have a fun relationship on paper. I will be spending a week with his "Unit" in January. I hope to get to know him better.

(The picture posted on the entry is not him, but is DAMN close)


  1. "Get to know him better" BETTER!

  2. woow, he is damn hot~! till,January,find ways to get to know more about him,not in a stalkery way..LOL