Friday, December 21, 2007

Str8 Guys

Whenever it snows I think of Guy. I got out of work today and it was snowing as I was walking to my car. Not heavy enough to accumulate, but enough to make it feel like winter and look pretty. For those who did not click the Guy link, he is a former "Str8" guy of mine from college that I spent a snow storm with at my parents house while they were at the condo down in Florida.

Recently, he sort of came back into my life. He, apparently, works at my sisters Restaurant near my hometown. During Thanksgiving weekend my good friend Pat and I decided to go in and see my sister who is training to be a bartender at the restaurant while going to Graduate school for Social Work.

We got in, ordered some appetizers and beers and enjoyed the conversation of catching up on what we have both missed. My friend Pat is engaged and we were talking about wedding planning and how she comes from a VERY conservative background. Anyway, while talking I lock eyes with a cute Italian waiter. I then realize it's GUY! I get excited and Pat notices so I tell him the long drawn out story and he asks if I know guys like that, to which I respond, "You have no idea."

Guy ended up leaving with his brother that night and did not come over to say hi. He did walk by, check me out and smile. One of the bartenders gave us our check as my sister was getting ready to take off. I gave the bartender my number to give to Guy. I haven't heard from him.

I was talking with K the other night about Guy and about "Str8" boys in general and how they are "TMT" (Totally my type) and they drive me crazy.

Anyway, Check out think LINK (NSFW) It's possibly the HOTTEST clip I have seen on XTube.

XTube is one of the BEST inventions of the 21st Century. Free Porn. Watching hot "Frat" guys fuck on camera and then post it for the world to see. Let me know what you think of the video. I can watch it OVER and OVER again.


  1. OMG, I saw that video on Friday and thought it was hot as well. I don't know if they are real frat guys, but the image of them going at it is so freaking hot.

    I really enjoy your blog. It reminds me of when I was in my late twenties and looking for the right guy.

  2. Men suck...ugh...wait til I tell you about last night. It is safe to say that G is grope central....

    P.S. I dont care if that video is of real frat guys.....that shit is hot!

  3. nice update~! great share on the vids~! & i agree with ya on that one,mate~ its hot hot hot

  4. Fuck guys like that, you'll find the right one. In the meantime, don't spin you're wheels...


    Hey ~!
    something bout straight men~
    thought i will show this to ya~
    Do watch it~!

  6. I used to think there was some extra quality about straight guys that made them hotter; used to feel like I'd never meet a gay dude who could "do it for me" the same way. But now that I'm actually meeting some gay guys, I understand that the only reason I thought that was because before, every guy I met was straight and so every guy I was attracted to was straight. I associated the two: attraction and straightness. I guess we all do it, but hey—I know you've met 'em: hot gay guys! So like Justin says, fuck guys like that! haha.

    Nothing Golden Stays