Monday, November 19, 2007

Josh the Gym Crush

I was surfing around the net today during halftime of the Giants game, which they won, and came across this picture. As I admired the body I realized it looks a LOT like my gym crush Josh's body that I have admired in the fitness center. While some naughty thoughts came across my mind about this, I decided to post it and give you an idea as to what the gym crush looked like. 4 days a week, Josh and I seem to meet in the locker room pre and post workout. It keeps me going back.

This is just a guy I want to bang. Not even bang, just worship his body and cuddle.


  1. excellent taste bud. nice!
    i always imagined there were more short dark haired tight body types up east coast... i dunno. hope you have a great week.

  2. who wouldnt resist! i would come everyday to workout ~!

  3. uhg... we have the same taste in men Jamie.
    and why aren't you calling me about all your problems? Didn't we say this was going to happen more often?