Monday, November 19, 2007

Iowa's Benjamin Johnson, Fabulous

The chairman of the Iowa Federation of College Republicans, Benjamin Johnson, was in that last YouTube video I posted the other day about how troops write him and tell him how much they (in my fabulous voice) "Love beef jerkey. Just LOVE IT!"

Anyway, Someone sent me a link to Wonkette called douchebag college republicans. I almost laughed my ass off. Who does this guy think he is fooling. Jean jacket, talking to a YouTube reporter, LOTS of product in his hair and an OH SO FABULOUS inflection. You be the judge people. All I know is that someone in Iowa better look for this guys Manhunt profile or find him on Craigslist M4M because he is somewhere out there. Does anyone read about me in Iowa? Ben, you out there? More after you watch the video...

"I love the bit where Miss Frosted Tips is in her smart little checkered sweater vest blowing bubble-gum bubbles. Because nothing says "take me seriously" like bubble gum and sweater vests!" He does have really cute dimples and think I may have a crush on him. I know, he is a douchebag and a half but there is something about him. He is goal driven, cute, well kept, obviously well off, once he started going all Rudy 9/11 on me I lost interest and am sure I will find him in a bathroom stall in Idaho sometime soon.


Add the man-lights and the lisp that becomes apparent at about two and half minutes, and he is two clicks away from twirling on top of the speakerbox in nothing but 2(x)ists

Do I fake sexual interest in my girlfriend? Absolutely. Am I petrified at the thought of intercourse with a female? Bingo! Will I go to extreme lengths to hide the nature of my true self? You got it!

He's the type of guy that, when visiting his rival school's frat keggers, drops roofies in his OWN drink in the hopes of being gang-raped by any drink-compromised brothers.

After some research , it turns out the Benji, as he has come to be called in the blogosphere, is actually an out and proud member of the Republican party.

, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, attends the University of Iowa and is majoring in pre-medicine. He transferred from Kirkwood College, where he was chairman of its College Republicans and student body president. Currently he is state treasurer of the Iowa Federation of College Republicans. He has participated in many political campaigns and organizational projects, such as “Conservative Coming Out Week.” He is a member of the Linn County and Iowa State Central Republican Committees.

Ben if you see this, drop me a line. I'd love to plan an invasion of my own. I am keeping what I had up about him up. It was fun when we thought he was just a closet case, now that we know he is a 'mo you know there are guys drooling all over him.

Mark Foley to the front of the line


  1. Ok, yes, he is cute, but Republican.

    Gurls, keep an eye out on this one. He'll be the next closeted republican who gets caught offering up blow jobs in airport rest rooms!

  2. Um...I think that "Conservative Coming Out Week" is to encourage folks to "come out" as conservative, and not as gay. If he's a gay conservative and that politically active, we should be able to find something about him and the Log Cabin Republicans.

    But hey, he's still in college and says he's conservative because he wants to hold on to his money. Give him a little more time to accept himself, form his own values (instead of those of his parents) and then we'll see what he says.

  3. Mikey is right. I just googled. It has nothing to do with being gay. It just has to do with coming out as a conservative.

    Oh well, we still all know he's a mo.

  4. He is soo cute. And so fruity.

    Hi, I am Erik from Whittle et al.

  5. I can confirm that he's definitely NOT gay.