Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bros and Hoes / Comments / WGA Strike

Just wondering, a lot of you visit and never comment... Just wondering why no one ever comments here? I opened up to Non Blogger Members again. I was getting too much spam so now they are back on for anyone who does not have a Blogger or Google membership.

How many of you have been watching Brothers and Sisters? I have been catching up online at and let me tell you, I think this may be the BEST Drama on television. It has excellent writing and everytime I watch I get hooked.

Does anyone else want to bang Justin on the show? He's the youngest Walker. I also have a theory as to why Kevin Walker's boyfriend got sent to Malaysia. Roberts campaign wanted him to not be around for the elecetion. Out of sight, out of mind of the American people. He left so ubruptly and won't call Kevin back. Thinking that Kevin would cheat on him (which is why Scottie is staying at his apartment) and not have to feel guilty about the whole thing.


And how happy am I that I did not move to LA right now. My job would have been DONE seeing how there is a WGA strike right now. Moving to CT was what was best for my career right now. I am living in the now and preparing for the future. Anyone else want to get on board?


  1. The actor who plays Justin was on VIVA lAUGHLIN on CBS thats why he had to leave. He will be back by episode 11 or 12 since that show was cancelled.

  2. I do love B&S.
    Good to hear that you are happy about your career choice/move. I'm contemplating a similar move (not to CT though, haha)

  3. Hi, I read your blog daily and have grown to look forward to your posts. Happy that things are moving along in CT and that you are not ivolved with this messy strike. As for B&S I too was annoyed when Kevins BF was sent to Malaysia.... Another Gay left waiting for a true relationship.. Why is that?
    Anyway thanks for the effort you make for all of us!

  4. Hey, I find your blog as I read the blog you referred to you in this post. Justin, is it (Guy from Chicago)? I agree with you about Brothers & Sisters. I love this show.I also can relate to both of your posts about weddings. I feel like that when I go to my friends' weddings as well. I do have some great girl friends that love to dance as I do, so that helps. Take care!

  5. I haven't had cable for 6 1/2 years; no tim for TV; wonder how you find time. I occasionally catch Leno's monolog before bed.

    I find the bar scene distressing. Really can't find my kind of man there. It's about as unproductive as the internet for meeting quality guys.

    Common wisdom has it that I'll meet someone someday.......

  6. it seems i can barely stay awake through Desparate Housewives, so I've not gotten into B&S. Although I did see last week's intervention episode, and am reminded of how incredible Sally Field is as an actress.

    As for the career decision, I'm glad it's working out. Your attitude on the present and the future is great.

  7. mmm brothers and sisters!
    scotty is my pick, cause justins got the whole addiction thing going again.

  8. justin is yummy! i also love that show...

  9. I'd do all the walkers, especially Justin!

  10. Hey JP,I love B&S as well. Exec Producer is Greg Berlanti who is openly gay. I think that's why the gay characters are so well written on the show. You should check out his new show Dirty Sexy Money, it's got a transexual character played by a transexual actress. Pretty cool for a prime time network show and a bunch of cute guys in it. The blog is great, keep up the good work and glad to hear you're happy in CT.

  11. Yeah,another Brothers and sisters fan~! Sweet stuff, love the show ~! and I thought i am the only one~!

  12. All the boys on "Brothers & Sisters" are cute, especially Justin and Kevin and that senator's bro. Ok, maybe only those three, haha.

    I find the show itself to be pretty bland and uninspired, however. Can't sit through it. "Friday Night Lights" is the best drama on television, bro.

    (Oh, I saw Kevin-dude at a Rite Aid picking up one-hour photos -- cute in person, too!)

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