Sunday, November 25, 2007


So, some of you may have read a drunk post, that I have since taken down, that I wrote at 5:30am on Saturday morning/ Friday night. I am doing fine and I was being a big pussy. Yea, I said it.

I apparently have some readers from the CT area that keep up with the blog. Welcome. A lot of what I say here will inevitably feature people that you know as I venture into the "dating" world of CT.

Friday night was a good time. My roomie and I drank at our place with some of his high school friends and then had some dinner at a local bar down the street. Afterwords, Dane and I headed to a party in Hartford .

Cooper and Brechi were there and I was very excited to see them. An unexpected delight was a guy that messaged me on myspace was there. He is really cute and I introduced myself. A very cool guy, I got his number and was pretty drunk at that time.

This is where it gets blurry. I remember the host of the party "staking claim" in said cute guy and Cooper told me to stay away from the cute boy so the, "host could get laid"

Why should I stay away from someone that I thought was cute? After the host staked his claim I got a little pist off because who does that? I let it slide off my back but got to thinking about the whole dating scene.

I have been trying not to dwell on this because my job is my priority right now. My number one priority is me, and working out has been paying off.

Saturday night was a fun night hanging out with my friend Pat for a little bit. We went to the restaurant that I used to work at and drank some free beers from the bartender that I knew. Guy, the former fling I was talking about, was working. I really hadn't banked on him working but he was and when I walked in my sister (who works there) gave me a big hug and sat with me at the bar table. I noticed him and he did a walk by and gave me a long stare, which I noticed the last part of.
Pat called it an early night and I did as well. I had a great convo with Justin and fell asleep. Now I am at work recovering from a horrible Giants game. SIGH.


  1. dude I hear you about the f-ing gay politics of staking claims. gee whiz, I mean either subtly make them but when another guy gets involved with the whole deal, it's just too unreal gee whiz.
    anyhow, so glad to hear you are enjoying CT, keep up the work outs stud. I'm sure we're in for another make out with a guy at a str8 bar story soon. ha! later.

  2. Staking claims? What BS is that? If you're interested in someone, go take a shot... You can't just call dibs so no one else bothers them while you wait around to get the guts.

    Or something.

    Nothing Golden Stays