Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ask and ye shall recieve

I asked and I received. A great self esteem boost that is. I have been in a rutt so to speak. Everyone gets into one. My friend Shane helped me put a lot into perspective. I come on here and let my emotions just run free, yell and scream with my fingers about what is wrong with me and what I am feeling, most times not thinking a lot of stuff through.

I have a great job and not only that, I am building a great career that will lead me somewhere. I have goals. Professional and life goals. I am driven. I'm also just looking for love like every other single guy out there. Gay, Straight, Bi... we are all looking for the same thing. Some just want the one night satisfaction. Some want a long term relationship. Some just want to find someone who can help them find themselves and become a better person.

Many months ago, I posted a profile on I had one date from it and it didn't work out the way I wanted it to. The one guy I met from it was perfect for me. We clicked. Had a great date, and then he stopped talking to me because he was already talking to someone and said it wasn't fair to me... but all said months after the fact.

Anyway, I forgot I had it and decided to update it and had someone shoot me a message. He lives in New Jersey. Kinda far away. We have exchanged e-mails and he flatters me left and right. He's cute... a hockey player. Why is it always a hockey player?

Who knows where it will lead. Just something that has cheered me up.

There's also a grad student in NYC that I will be going out to dinner with. A friend of a friend... should be a good one. I just want to know where these CT guys are...


  1. id like to know where the nyc guys are!

  2. rutts are good things. if we never got into any, we'd never really know how good things can be and really are.

    venting with a friend, in a diary, on a blog, it's very healthy.

    you've got a lot of great things going on in your life. and you're doing great too!

  3. good luck with the dating scene.

  4. hmm... grad student in NYC?

  5. Plenty of fish in the sea in case it does not work out.