Monday, July 2, 2007


I wrote an entry not too long ago called Cursed. I now know that I am cursed. I met a guy named Carlos about 2 weeks ago. We met at my softball fundraiser and I was really happy that he had walked me to work and all. I felt really good about it. So, here is my cursed weekend.

Friday I worked, took a nap and went and played company softball in Central Park. We ended up coming from behind and winning. It was great. After the game a few of us went to this bar called PJ Clarks. It's an Irish bar right near Lincoln Center and we drank a few beers, got burgers and hung out until 6ish. This guy Chris and I needed to go back and shower and get eady for this girls going away party. I got off the Subway and called Carlos to see what was happening. We talked and he said to call him once I was done with my work friends because he wanted to see me. I hung out with my work friends and gave him a call.

He told me he was at The Ritz and wanted to see me. My work friends were leaving so I took a cab downtown and walked into the Ritz. It was like something out of a TV show. As I walked to the back patio I see Carlos. Standing back-to-back with him is this guy Kevin. Kevin and I are late night hook up buddies. I wish it could be more but it's not. Kevin sees me first and his face lights up.

He smiles when he sees me and had the cutest look on his face. we chit chat and Carlos sees that I am talking to Kevin. He comes over and I introduce the guys to eachother. Carlos asks if I want to get out of there and I say sure. Kevin has this hurt puppy dog look on his face as I say goodbye and leave with Carlos.

We walk outside and he asks me what I want to do. We decided to go catch a late movie and during the movie he took my hand and held it. Right near the end of the movie he leaned in and kissed me. A sign of things to come. After the movie we went to Posh for a few drinks that I didn't need and then we headed to my apartment.

The next morning I told him I had Yankees tickets and he wanted to go. He had only been to 1 Yankees game and really wanted to go. We showered, separately. When he came out of the bathroom I was checking my Facebook page. He wanted to see my profile and we talked about some of my pictures. Then he asked me to search for his profile. I did and his picture popped up.

Before I scrolled down he asked how I could see his profile and explained that he and I were both on the New York, NY network and you can see anyone on the network depending on their privacy settings. He looked nervous and asked me to look at his schools...

I scrolled down and saw three entries under colleges. William and Mary, 99'... Grad school at GW in Washington... and then there was an entry for Law School... graduation 2010... no where NEAR New York. I looked at him and he looked like a freight train hit him.

"I was going to tell you at some point..." he cleared his throat.

"I am heading down to Georgia on a scholarship to go to Law school for pretty much nothing."

It's exciting when you get into Law School and find out you are going to pay next to nothing. We went to the Yankees game and had a blast and he said he may not want to go. We had an amazing few hours together.

Between meeting up for that drink and the Yankees game he told me how sexy I was, how cute I was, how funny I was and how I was the perfect package. It was so sweet. He leaves in the beginning of August.

After the Yankees game he said he would call me during the week and wanted to grab dinner. Saturday night I spent with a bunch of different people. I started off at a birthday party downtown for a guy on my softball team. Then I headed uptown for a party at a friends place where a few guys met up with me there. We left and went to this bar on the Upper West Side and just hung out. Great time drinking and just being fun.

We hit a diner up at about 4am and ate some food and thats when Kevin called. He wanted me to come down to see him. I did. I walked into his place like I had done before and he kissed me. Then he hugged me and we stood there for about a minute holding eachother.

Carlos has brought up after we left the Ritz that Kevin really liked me from the facial expressions he had and the way he acted when I introduced them. I spent the night at Kevins. No sex, but we had fun.

Sunday was painful. I woke up with stomach pains. It was agonizing. I spent most of yesterday nauseous, dry heaving and with a pain on my right side. After a few doses of pepto I fel asleep and woke up today at about 1pm.

Carlos is leaving for law school soon and I am sure we will hang out a bunch more times before he leaves. We had a really great time together this weekend which means I am not too cursed because I am meeting guys. Now only if they would stay in New York.



  1. JP its progress! Ok, I'm definately going to call you because I kinda just had the same thing happen.

  2. This kind of stuff always happens to me except that I'm always the one who's just visiting and never planned to meet anyone but it happens when you least expect it.

  3. Georgia huh? You can always apply for a job with CNN.

    Kidding. Sorta. It is funny what a small world NYC turns out to be on occasion?

  4. i LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your posts, my friend... ahhh.. NYC! wow.
    hey man, forget the curse, first you were not meeting anyone, now you are meeting guys, so next there is bound to be a change to guys IN NYC AND STAYING. HA! hang in there bud. and Happy 4th!

  5. hmmm, sounds complicated. one of my favorite profs is leaving to teach at GA next year, maybe carlos will have him.

    local boys are definitely on my to do list too.