Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Hour Weekend

Well, there I am. I haven't posted a picture of me on the blog and debated on whether or not to but, what the hell.

Last Friday I went and met a few guys who blog in NYC and I have to say it was SUCH a fun time. Very cool to meet the guys behind the blogs I read while at work. It's also kind of cool that what brings us together is that we have blogs. All of the guys were so friendly and fun. I did get into a big sports conversation with Cooper and Billy and some of the guys felt alienated but that's ok. I do apologize for all the sports talk.

This was taken at Posh in NYC. In order from L to R.. me, Cooper, GoGo boy, Brechi and Billy. We started happy hour at Barrage in Hell's Kitchen and Brechi has a good rundown of what happened out there.
We grabbed food at Eatery and ended at Posh for a few more drinks. Apparently GoGo boy is new there and wanted us to come back on Wednesday. I mights stop by only because GoGo boy kept touching my leg and rubbing my back during the night. No doubt he has a nice body... and we talked Yankees, and he apparently fucked a pie at a club called Boys Room one night American Pie Style... but he couldn't remember our drink order... an Amstel Light, Bacardi and Coke, Stoli and Soda and a Stella. If anyone can guess who got what drink I will give you some kind of prize.

The rest of my night was pretty fun. After leaving the bloggers, I met up with a friend of mine who is going to work in the Middle East with the state department. I know I am pretty jealous. She was born in the US and her parents are from Iran so she has an interest over there. I ended up going to see her at a bar on the east side called Central Bar.

I had been drinking since 5:30ish that afternoon and it was now about 11:30pm and I was a little tired, Jager bombs came around and of course I had to drink them. The bar was a good time, filled with a bunch of young people who work at the network and wanted to say goodbye. It's always fun seeing the social side of people you work with when you go out.
There were a bunch of hot college guys in the bar who were obviously really drunk and kind of all over eachother. I thought it was fun because here I am dancing with some of my best girlfriends in the city, at this college-esque bar and I get some great eye candy for myself. I made eye contact with a few guys, held for a while but nothing happened. I got TWO phone calls later that night. The first was from Kevin. I guess I had texted him the night before and I haven't heard back from him. He called and was wondering where I was. We talked on the phone and I turned out to be 4 blocks away from his new apartment.
We decided to meet up for a drink and hang out. I left my friends, who were all getting ready to go to a diner nearby and met up with Kevin. As I was walking, my friend Paula Walnuts called me. We talked about how we needed to hang out and she may have "someone" for me but wanted to know if it was cool if she gave my number to someone. I said why not.
I got to Kevins and I walked into his apartment and he gives me a kiss right on the lips. Kevin and I are, for the lack of a better term, booty call friends. I have called and asked him out to dinner and to hang out but it always ends up being a sleepover. What makes our booty call sessions even more un-like a booty call is that we never have full out sex. We hook up, and my definition of that is anything besides penetration... TMI? Whatever, I wanted to be clear that I just don't go around fucking anything that walks. I just have some heavy petting sessions.
WOW... anyway... that's my weekend in a nutshell there.


  1. Billy is a RED SUX fan? Did you give him shit for that?

  2. isnt there anything else we can discuss besides sports? i mean really...

  3. Hey, hey now. No need to give me shit about the Sox.

  4. Hey, JP, it was great to meet you!