Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Intern

I talked last week about a freelance editor who I have started being friendly with. For all intensive purposes, because he is 19, I will call him The Intern. A LOT has happened since I last posted.

Last night, about 20 minutes after he got in, he poked his head into my room to say hello. I was VERY busy at that point, said hi and played it cool. I am such a dork for crushing on this kid. I told him I was busy and that I would stop by later on. A few hours later we went down to get our free catered meel and while on the way we talked about our weekends.
Nothing exciting, just said I had a fun time and mostly talked about The Sopranos ending (which I loved) From there we talked about plans during the week and I had to get back to producing a segment that was given to me last minute.
Around 4am I have to start archiving a lot of the video we use for the show and I use an edit room right next to his. He had nothing to do so he joined me in my edit room. He commented on a bunch of my pictures on facebook and said it looks like I know how to have a good time and then he asks:
"Can we hang out this weekend?" looking right into my eyes with his. Slight smile I say of course and we plan on hanging out this weekend. I mean, why not. He isn't an intern, he is a staff memebr and I don't have a policy. Ok, so what, he is 19 but what the hell.... it's not like anything is going to happen

If you haven't seen the final scene from The Sopranos don't watch the above or read the last part of this post.

The entire weekend, I think Journey came on my iPod about 12 times before this aired. I have watched The Sopranos mostly through DVDs and love the series. There was so much media build up over if Tony was going to get killed in the final show. Picking "Don't stop Believin'" was a great way to end the show. Because you can't stop believing what just happened. It also leaves it open for the fan to decide what happens.

Maybe there will be some fan fiction over what happens after Tony looks up. I think Americans don't like endings that don't end. They think it's a cop out and get pissed when they are toyed with. In my opinion, if they had ended the show with Tony getting whacked it would have ruined the entire series. It would have been so cliche. I think it's great that the show ends with Meadow running into the diner as the family enjoys a meal together... maybe it's their last meal.. we may never know what happens. It does leave some stuff to be tied up, but I think it's a great ending to the show. I love the suspence that it leave you in... You think everyone in the place has a gun and is about to put a few bullets into Tony's chest. It doesn't happen but you keep thinking something is going to happen and I love it.

Also... not on a Sopranos note... during our blog meet up the guys brought up how I like to post stories with college aged guys not wearing shirts. It's something that gets me through the night and also entertains you guys with some candy while you read.

I always like feedback, let me know.


  1. heh, i didn't notice the shirtless guy theme until you/they pointed it out!
    and that song is the best. evar

  2. You're right on about the brilliance of the "Sopranos" ending. And don't freak about the age difference. It's more about maturity.

  3. Glad you "came out" with the pic on your blog. Hope Matt will do so, too, soon.

  4. You can never go wrong with shirtless guys I say.

  5. The Sopranos: You are tight it was a great ending. I must admit, I was pissed at first but after watching it a few times, I realized how brilliant the ending was. Really, the best part is Meadow not being able to park her over priced car.


    Ps. Interns can be fun, I know because I am one. :-)

  6. cradle robber, just teasing you :P