Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hey Giants Fans

NY Football Giants fans that is. I started a blog called NYTD Blue. It's a blog all about the Giants. If you guys are interested in the G-Men or just want to check it out... go right ahead.


  1. I think you were probably joking, but it got me thinking...

    I wouldn't be surprised if most gay guys would be either put off or intimidated by a rabid sports fan.

    Put off for one of two reasons:

    1) they assume you are a self-hater, pretending to like sports to feel more masculine/mainstream or

    2) they are so pleased to have come out (i.e. not to have to pretend to like sports to fit in) that any thought of having to pretend to like sports again to date somebody who does is not something they look forward to.

    Intimidated because they might equate sports fans with the uncles and brothers and local police chiefs and burly coaches who made fun of them when they were growing up for not being able to properly throw a football. The idea of sports, and of being asked to engage with sports in any way, brings them back to an unhappy place.

    I could be totally wrong and/or making this up, but it's what came to mind when you suggested guys ought to like you for being a sports fan but don't. FWIW.