Sunday, June 17, 2007

Friends of Friends and One Night Stands

I could not title this entry anything else. Lately, it's been strange how I have been meeting new people here in New York who already know a friend of mine. It's a little crazy. I am not saying that I know everyone in the world, just it has been strange how I am meeting people who know people I know. Example one:

Right after I graduated college I had a few months off over the winter before my job here started in New York. Yes, I gradated in December, no big deal. Anyway, I was working at this Bar and Grill as a bartender and a few of us went out after work one night to this local martini bar where we met this guy nammed Shane. He lived in my hometown, was a year younger than me and just so fun to look at. The girls were all over him and he seemed to be eating it up. I headed for the bathroom and one of Shanes friends pulls me aside and asks, "So I have been debating this all night. Your a cute guy, I have been talking to you all night and I keep seeing you eye Shane, are you into guys?"

I said yeah and she just smiled. I am coming out of the bathroom and Shane is there waiting to go in. I give the "what's up" nod most guys have perfected over the years and he smiles and we lock eyes. We both keep smiling and he walks into the bathroom and I decide to wait for him. He comes out a few minutes later and he asks me if I was being serious. I said yes and the rest of the night we talked outside. He is a BIG Giants fan, has season tickets like me and all I could think about was how perfect this was.

We didn't hook up, and still haven't to this day. I saw him at almost every Giants game last season. But when we became myspace friends, I saw that he had a boyfriend that he never told me about. Younger than him at 21 years old. They looked so cute in their pictures and then I realized, I had a one night stand with his boyfriend the previous summer after we met at a bar.

Shane found out and I didn't know that they were dating at the time. The last few weeks it has been even stranger.

This story happened all in one night mind you and it blew my mind. I was hanging out with some friends from work eating dinner on the Upper West Side and after dinner we split up and went on to do some seperate things. I ended up going to Vlada, a bar in Hells Kitchen here in NYC. I walk in, grab a drink and think to myself, this is one drink then I will go home. Well, I run into my friend Rob, also a Big Giants fan and he introduces me to his friend, we are talking and I excuse myself to go to the bathroom where I run into this guy Derek who used to work at my University. We talk, he is surprised I am there and he says he is there with his friend Ryan. Ryan turns around and it's a guy I work with. So after a potty break I bring them over to where Rob is and we all start talking. So random. I get a tap on my shoulder and this guy Chris, who was my best friends college roommate hugs me and says hello.

This was all seriously happening. It was crazy. Chris introduces me to his friend Rich who I have talked to a few times after meeting and who knows what will happen. Chris and Rich had a few friends there so now we are this big group where no one knew eachother but more than half the group knew me. Rich's friends come over and join us and one guy was datinga guy from my high school and one worked at the rival morning show and knew some of my friends that worked there. It was a fun random night.

You sometimes forget how many connections you have to people and realize that you have a great group of friends. The list is expanding and I love it. I love meeting new people and this weekend was just a great one.

More on that later.


  1. maybe "69 degrees of separation"
    lol... just kiddin

  2. is Vlada a gay bar? just wondering.
    man you are all over the city!