Sunday, June 17, 2007


My weekend has been a blast and it is coming to a close. It is so nice outside and I will roll out of bed soon and walk around the city. But I want to lay here (cue Snow Patrol: Chasing Cars) and bang this post out.

Friday started off great. I played company softball after work. What's cool about the team is that it's mostly all guys around my age who like to play, can play and love to go out drinking afterwords. We won the game, 29-2 I kid you not. During the game, most of the guys on the team took their shirts off and I was given a nice show. The guys are in great shape and I work with them so it's fun to see what's under their shirts.

After grabbing beers and food I headed home, showered and my friend Rob called me so I headed to the East Side to watch the Yankees/Mets game. We drank, had a few appetizers and drank some more. It was fun. After the game we debated on where to go so we took a cab over to Hell's Kitchen to see where the night would take us. Rob's two cute friends joined us at POSH. We drank, GoGo boy was there being dumb as rocks but fun to look at. We were having grate conversation, laughing and I was kind of hitting on this guy Ed who has a boyfriend. I didn't know he had a boyfriend but thats ok.

I bring that up because later in the night, this guy starts talking to me. He starts off the conversation saying, "It's so nice to see straight friends out to support their gay friends." I laughed and told him I was gay. I was wearing a yankees tshirt and hat and I think I just gave off a straight vibe to him. I get up to go grab a drink and he follows me. I order a drink and we are talking and he leans in and gives me a kiss. He then tells me that he wants me to go home him with his boyfriend. WAIT, WHAT?

"He gave me permission to hit on you and wants me to take you home." I was turned off by this. I don't know what, but I was. I got my drink and told him I wanted some time to think and do a lap around the place and that I would come back and find him.

Rob and his friends take off so now I am alone and this couple wants to take me home. A cute italian guy catches me eye. He looks like this hot bartender I used to work with. I say hi. We talk and I buy him a drink. He went to an Ivy League school and was working in some kind of finance job here in New York. We keep talking and he wants to get out of there and go to Mr. Black. We leave, jump in a cab and I see the couple outside as I get in the cab. They both watched as I drove away in a cab.

The guy in the cab with me is named Gino. Such a hot name. While in the cab he asked me why I said hello to him. I tell him I thought he was the best looking guy in the bar and I wanted to buy him a drink. He leans in and kisses me. It was so hot. We get out of the cab and get to Mr. Black. There is a long line outside but he is on the list so we get in. He has some friends there and we grab drinks and hang out. This was my second time to Mr. Black and it's a place where, well, I don't know the words to describe it. It's dark,loud and has a lot of hot looking guys running around. But i was focused on one, Gino.

We made our way over to the DJ booth and he kisses me again. We start making out, grinding to the music and I am in heaven. He wants to get out of there and head out. It's about 4:45am and we jump in another cab.

I woke up the next morning, tired, slamming headache and in desperate need of water. We exchanged numbers and I told him I wanted to see him again. Who knows how this will turn out. I haven't called him yet, just sent a text saying I had a good time.

Saturday I played softball out on Randalls Island. Drama happened with the team, don't really wanna get into it but it started off bad, but trned out to be ok and I got to meet some cool new guys from the other teams.

Last night was AMAZING. Friday was Amazing as well because I met a hot guy at a bar. But Saturday night was my friend Jimmy's bday party. I work with Jimmy and he is a great guy. I woke up after a nap and headed to his party in midtown and saw everyone I like that works at the Network. We had a blast hanging out, talking, dancing, drinking and more drinking.

It was one of those nights that you just love hanging out with people you work with. Some of these guys I don't see during my shift because they are dayside, but the ones I hung out with are the ones I like. My "night" ended at 6:00 this morning at a diner with 2 hot guys I work with. One is VERY cute and I would just love to see him naked. haha

Anyway... good times all weekend. I hope this guy Gino turns out to be something more than a one night thing. I'm heading to Central Park and hanging out and then possibly hitting the gym.


  1. Well, somebody had a good Friday night after all, even though the Mets won.

  2. LOL I love reading your adventures in life. I love Italians mmmmm!