Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nothing Golden

I give shout outs to guys who contact me and if they have a blog I usually link to them. JR over at Nothing Golden Stays started his blog a month ago and he has some interesting stuff to say. Even though he has only been blogging for a few entries he has had some good ones. Check out his first post here.

His sister asks him, "Are you straight? ... or... both? or what? ... I don't care, I mean, it's not a choice." My sisters pretty much know about me. I haven't confirmed it with them but they know. Anyway, check out JR, tell him I sent you and make sure you guys still give me the same love you always have.


  1. hey man. lot s of love coming your way here.
    glad you had a good work week and some dick loving buds. have an excellent weekend man. later.

  2. Um.. I love you and think your blog is amazing. It's exciting to read about the life of a New Yorker! I live in San Diego... we don't even have a subway! Ugh. Anyhow.. you are super!