Friday, June 22, 2007

Raising Ca$h Money

Thursday night my softball team had a fundraiser to help pay our umpire fees. It was such a good time and I seem to be making a habit of going out on a Thursday before work. First I need to thank Billy, Cooper and Chris for coming out tonight and supporting the team.

Cooper had a really good night winning a David Barton Gym package and a nice silver bracelet. Anyway, we had our fundraiser at the Ritz, a bar in Hells Kitchen here in NYC. I walk in and see Billy and we end up at the bar with Cooper and Chris. One of my teammates needed me to sell raffle tickets so I left the blogger boys and went off to sell some tickets.

The first guy I sold tickets to was nammed Carlos. A very cute Puerto Rican who now lives in New York. He bought some tickets, we talked. He has a very cute face and loved to flirt with his eyes and facial expressions.

We kept talking and at one point I had to go and sell some more tickets to people. He told me to come find him. Selling these tickets gave me free reign to go and flirt with cute boys and sell tickets. One guy who I sold tickets to also won and he gave me his number.

I was walking back into the backroom at the Ritz and Carlos and I make eye contact. He waves me over. We started talking again and the rest of the night we chatted and I feel bad that I didn't spend time with Cooper and Billy.

It was ready for me to go and he was sad that I had to leave and I said, "How about I take you to dinner sometime so we can continue this?" He said sure and wanted to walk me to work. It was about 15 blocks away and we walks, held hands for a little bit and he said he would call me later. We will see.


  1. Yeah, yeah, I see how it is.

    Glad I could help out the leauge. But apparantly your good luck only works for Cooper. I won Zero prizes.

  2. sweet deal, gee whiz, holding I could use a hot little puerto rican right about now. enjoy your week stud. later.

  3. Hey JP, it was cool to meet you Thursday night, however briefly. Glad the fundraising was a success - for your team, and for Cooper. By the way, it was not just any silver bracelet, it was a David Yurman one - which is basically a bracelet at about 5 times the price of a regular one.