Tuesday, June 26, 2007


My weekend seemed to go on forever. I had a last minute change in my weekend plans thanks to my parents. They had been depending on my Aunt being available to watch their dogs but she was not available. My sister, conveniently was going away for the weekend with her new boyfriend and that left me to take care of Buddy and Bella.

Friday after work ended I jumped on a train and my Uncle picked me up at the train station and dropped me off at my parent’s house. I let the dogs do their business and my weekend began. Drove back to NY to play company softball. After a nap I went and had beers with a few fraternity brothers of mine.

Saturday is the interesting part of my weekend. Well, first interesting part of my weekend. I did a bunch of laundry Saturday during the day and my dad called that night saying that they would be running late so I would be staying in Connecticut. I called my fraternity brother Phil and he was close by at a BBQ so I went over and had some free food and hung out. I really wish I was in the city but I was stuck in CT. I decided to hit up Gotham in New Haven which is gay on Saturday nights.

I walked in, got a drink and hung out for a little bit. I was going to get a second drink and I saw him. 6 foot, blonde hair, about 180 pounds, cute face blue eyes. I went right over to where he was at the bar and struck up conversation about his tats. Turns out he is a Marine. He was there with his friend who was there visiting a bartender he used to work with….

I played along with the story. We keep talking and we get into a conversation about baseball and a little bit of football. He calls me the coolest gay guy he has ever met. Then the topic turns to sex. As we are talking, I notice that his pants are bulging.

I had a few drinks and bluntly asked him why he was getting hard and he said that he was just “excited to see me” with a sly wink. Sigh… “straight” marines. He pulls a Cooper and says how “fat he is” even though he isn’t. He lifted his shirt up and he had a nice stomach. His friend comes back from wherever he is and has 2 girls with him. They go outside to smoke and the Marine stays to talk with me. I have to go to the bathroom and he tags along with me. We are talking at the urinals and he keeps looking over at me peeing. I shake it for a little too long and figure why not give him a show. As we walk out of the bathroom he wants to thank me for the drink I bought him and he wants to go dance. We head out to the dance floor and head to the back. He take a glance around and then starts to grind into me. We keep dancing and he is hard as a rock. I take the opportunity to just rub his entire body while dancing and even give his package a feel whispering in his ear, “having fun?” He looked at me and said yes, leaned in and kissed me.

He wanted to go back downstairs and grab a drink. We get downstairs and his friend wants to leave with the girls he met, at the gay bar. He doesn’t want to go but his friend is persistent. He gives me his number and says to call him whenever.

How the hell do I meet these guys.. anyway, I get back to the city on Sunday and meet up with Cooper, Chris and a friend to watch the Parade. The parade was fun. After the parade we went to get food and hit up a few bars.

I’m really tired and wanna sleep. I’ll finish this later.


  1. Interns! Marines! What gives?

    Your next post will undoubtedly go something like this: "I was on 95 heading back into the city, when this cop pulls me over. As he's walking up to the car, I notice he's incredibly hot, muscled, moustache, tats, the whole thing...."

  2. WOW, how do you do it? Can you share your secret with the rest of us.

  3. I want the number to a marine! hahaha and blond too. Sighh. I have to get out of the Bible belt.


  4. Whatever, dude. I got marines hitting on me left and right. Left and right! That's the reason I can't visit any port cities: too dangerous!

    Still, if you feel compelled to make some kind of instructional post, "How to Land a Marine," I'd probably read it. You know, for fun.

    Heh. Hey man, I've been following your blog a while and just wanted to saw "howdy" finally.

    Nothing Golden Stays

  5. JP I am gonna have to rub up on you for good luck, your life reads like a wet dream.

  6. bet that was some damn nice show. ha.
    anyway, just wanted to say, that is a wonderful post to put out there, I been in one similar situation before 9-11 when there were plenty tinker air force boys still going to bars in okc, anyway, i only got some innocent bump and grind in, but the same follow the the mens rooms bit. nice. make sure and finish the post, stud. ha.

  7. I like your new phrase: "pulls a Cooper." [He pulls a Cooper and says how “fat he is” even though he isn’t.] Ha ha...