Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Before I start this mad ramble... The Yankees need to close out the series tonight! Please put Philly out of their misery and just end this fucking series. It's NOVEMBER. The "Fall Classic" is starting to become the Winter Classic... and that belongs to Hockey on New Years Day.

Anyway, It's good that I start with the World Series and the picture with the post of a guy I know and his boyfriend. They dressed up as ARod and Jeter for Halloween. Arod and Jeter shared an ass grab earlier in the series.

I said I would update you guys on guys in my life and there really haven't been any...

Long pause and my friend Anthony yells at the screen.

About a month ago I was in NY on an interview (see below) I went out after the interview with my buddy Anthony and hit some bars in Chelsea and decided to head uptown to see Billy. Well, we never met up with Billy. In true Anthony form he grew tired of being out and decided to head home at 12:30am. Not too bad. He gave me his spare set of keys and told me not to make a lot of noise.

I had been eying this hot guy sitting down near us. He was wearing a suit with a loosened tie. Very hot. Blond hair and blue eyes with a swimmer build. He had been texting most of the night but I took notice of him. I went over and used some stupid line about sitting by himself. It got him intrigued. From there it was like I was my normal self. We had a great conversation and it turns out that we had a mutual friend in common from where he went to school. We traded Blackberry messenger pins and I excused myself to the restroom.

He texted me while I was in the bathroom telling me that I was hot. God I loved this confidence.

He gave me some awesome compliments which led to me figuring out that he was looking for a one night thing even though we both had talked about relationships.

The rest of the night was fun. Nothing too crazy. After that night I never heard from him again. We did not have full on man sex, but it was good to have that confidence back with me knowing that I can pick up a hot guy at a bar. Something that rarely happens in here in Connecticut.

The year is almost over and I have been thinking about this past year and my lack of dating guys. It's not like I haven't put myself out there. It's like Real Estate... it's all about location.

There are guys out there. I hope that a certain one from Connecticut is reading this and not researching weird web stories and gives me a call. That would be pretty awesome.


  1. such a shame you aren't in the city! ;)

  2. No, you're right, its true. Gay guys don't exist in Connecticut . . . at least when I lived there for 22 years. Things will look up for you soon! Can't wait til you move back to a big city!

  3. I love your Charlie Brown costume JP. Haha, kidding!

  4. I can relate on the dating thing. I feel like I've been putting myself out there and not getting the results I want. Maybe I need to relocate.