Friday, October 30, 2009

Hottness Updates

First of all.. I need to agree with Justin that Puck from Glee is really hot. He sang Sweet Caroline, which thanks to the Red Sux I know hate with a passion, and he looked fucking adorable while singing the song. He is simply sex on a stick.

I also realized that I, like many of my girl friends, love assholes. Lately I have been falling for guys that are complete assholes. I can't really say that I am falling for these assholes because I haven't really been in that situation.

Which brings me to my updates:

- I had a fraternity brother come out to me a few weeks ago. Since I am the President of the alumni association I have been around the guys a lot this semester. We have been planning a "Celebration of Life" for a brother who died last year.

The brother started through an IM conversation and we met up that night to talk in person because he has been dealing with a lot of demons inside of him. For the most part he has been doing very well. I brought him to his first gay bar that is 18+ and he has told 2 others. When he does it's like he needs to tell me immediately.

- I had a second interview in New York. It did not go as I thought it would. I got to the interview and was told it was for an entirely different position that what I had been initially told. I was brought back to a conference room with two ratty chairs, a small desk and a bunch of boxes.

I was told to fill out an application and that I would be meeting with the Producer, "M" and head of Human Resources "C"

Well, the assistant that led me back to this windowless room started grilling me with questions. I answered all of them to a T! I did great. She was smiling, sort of flirting. She told me to finish tha application and that we would head up to see M.

I get up to see M and we had a great conversation. I understand how precious time can be when you work in TV. About halfway through she tuned me out. Checked e-mail. Took a phone call... apologized every time and I made sure to dazzle her when I had her attention.

After we were done, she thanked me and said to have a good day. I was under the impression that I still had to meet with C. I had my application in my hands. It was so frustrating.

M brought me to the elevators and I navigated my way back down to HR where after 5 minutes I was told that I was done for the day. I left my application, references and my card and left. I sent my thank you notes and e-mails and am waiting to hear from them.

That was a debbie downer.

- A possible work lead; I have some downtime at work. I use that time to look for stories and video for all of our shows to use. (If you haven't figured out where I work by now you obviously don't know how to Google.)

Well, I have been helping this one group out a lot lately. They have been really great to me and I am interested in them because it has to do with working on the internet. I met with the producer and we will see how everything goes.

I'll give a lack of love life update tomorrow and get some stuff of my chest. For now... goodnight!


  1. Thanks for the update...Very nice of you to help out the frat guy that's going through the process. I wish I'd of had someone help me with that in my late teens, early 20's (instead of still dealing with many years later). Anyway, I think that's awesome. I'm sure the piece of mind is of great help to him.

    Hope things go well for you except for the Giants (sorry, cheap shot, but can't help it).

  2. You're not the only one. Assholes are hot. Cocky guys are hot. Dicks are hot.

    They don't bother me at all. In fact, those kinds of guys challenge me.

  3. Hi JP,
    Great that you are helping your frat brother. Regardless of him realizing it, having someone like you to talk to at that age will mean a lot.

    As for your interview, I look at that from several different angles. First, sometimes an interview is staged to gauge your reactions to the conditions or to see how assertive you are. Don't be afraid to take control of how the interview is going. Explain that you had been told you would be interviewing for position X. Let them explain the change. Also, explain you were told you would be meeting with someone with HR too.

    On the other angle, I look at interview conditions as a sign of how the company is or how they value a position. Remember, first impressions go both ways and that your time is as valuable as theirs.

    I was part of a team that interviewed candidates for two department heads and an attorney position. The HR Director set up a huge training room with a table for the interviewer panel and a single chair in the middle of the room for the interviewee. I was embarrassed for the candidates because it was like an interrogation or inquisition rather than an interview for someone to be a part of the team.

    Don't be upset over the interview. Like I said, it was either a test or a reflection of how they treat people.

    Good luck!

  4. Whoa, Justin is very hot. He deserves a full time position singing Sweet Caroline up at Fenway. Sure would rock from the Monster seats.

    Shame the Yankees successfully bought another world series victory. I was hoping they would choke again but I guess when you spend as much money as the Yankees did then you're gonna luck out sometimes and actually win. Sure does make a farce out of baseball that you can buy up all the best free agents. Now that the baseball season is over, maybe Yankee fans can root on other loveable things like Exxon or Goldman Sachs.

    Good luck getting the job, JP. Just cause you root for the wrong team doesn't mean I'm rooting against you :)