Thursday, April 10, 2008

So Tired…mixed feelings

Today has been a LONG day. It started at 8am when my alarm went off after 4 hours of sleep and I jumped into the shower. Why was I getting up at 8am? For a mandatory Off Site meeting with everyone at work.

It’s ok… because it was a baseball game! My first of the season was to see the AA-Twins affiliate play at 10:35am!

The New Britain Rock Cats… and boy do they have some hotties on the team! We had a luxury box, free food and overall, besides being tired… I had a LOT of fun hanging out with co-workers. There were some home runs and great play!

The ONLY part of the day that was horrible was the fact that I had to come back into work and work an entire shift. It was really unfair to me but I am used to it.

So, now I am at work and tired as all hell. It’s ok because I had Gym AND Work Crush to look at.
Gym Crush is looking really good lately. I do have some sad news… the new girl that works down the hall from me is his girlfriend… and they have a child together. SIGH…

Work Crush and I have been chatting lately… pretty sure he is straight but it’s fun to flirt and talk with him. He is adorable.

I complain about guys a lot here. It’s frustrating for me because I do want to find someone. What frustrates me the most is that it’s not meeting the guy, it’s after with the follow up phone calls and stuff.

About a month ago I met a guy named Ted. Great guy… talked on the phone, chatted online… and could never get our schedules to line up to meet after that night. He now has a boyfriend. The second guy in as many weeks that now has a boyfriend.

It’s frustrating but I am still putting myself out there.

As frustrating as it is… I know that it takes patience and I can’t obsess over finding a guy. My hours are changing at work for an earlier start time. I can’t WAIT!


  1. [cliche]Stop seeking and ye shall find.[/cliche]

  2. Be casual my friend, if your putting the vibe out that you really want a BF so badly it will be felt... Let it come to you.
    Forcing something never helps.
    Stop talking and thinking about it and Voila it will happen

  3. you have such a great blog, I hope that you have success in finding a good man

  4. Jp, great chatting with you for a few minutes the other night. Looking forward to your visit to beantown!