Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Ryan Quinn has been blogging over at Outsports "Jock Talk" blog. He’s got shouts from Deadspin and other big time blogs. I’m so proud. Keep it up!

A comment was left that I should expand my social circle here in Connecticut and stay away from the bar scene. Right now, I really like hanging out in the bar scene. I am not heading to bars by myself, I have friends that I meet, hang out with and talk with. I don’t get blackout drunk anymore, which is great, I am over college, though I like to re-live every once and a while.

This past weekend on Saturday night I had a random meeting. I met up with two of my friends from high school up in Hartford. One is a nurse and one is, well, pushing paper. We met to watch the Final Four games and didn’t pay attention once the games became blow outs.

We were sitting by a pool table at this bar and had been playing with some random guys. My single friend Lisa is on the quest to find a boyfriend. Like myself, dating is just a hard road and have had some misses as of late. We were talking about guys she was interested in and a guy had caught my eye playing pool near us.

He was about 5’10" and looked like a meat head. He had a shaved head, dark hair and features but was quite handsome. I know that he is not her type and I motioned to him asking if she was interested.

She said no, laughed it off and we kept talking about random stuff.

15 minutes go by and the meathead comes over to ask us if we wanted to play pool. I had been eyeing him while talking with Lisa and waited for my other friend to say yes. Into the game, he came over to me and introduced himself as Dave. We got to talking.

He recently moved from NYC to CT for "family stuff" and talked about how he is a freelance writer and photographer. We talked about writing, screenplays, movies and bunch of other stuff. All while playing a TERRIBLE game of pool.

The entire night we kept talking.. my two friends called it quits at about 12:30am and headed home. My friend Rick swung by with some friends so I was going to hang out with them on the patio.

Dave and I made a lap around the bar and he wanted to scope out some ladies, I made my way to Rick outside. He bought me a beer and introduced me to his cute gay friend. We all chatted and then I saw Dave, looking like a lost puppy on the patio…

We locked eyes and he gave me a nod and came over to say hello. I introduced him to Rick and let him intro the rest of the group.

Last call came and I was about ready to call it a night when Dave asked me if I was interested in coming over to his place for more beers.

I headed over to his place and we got to talking about more movies, took a look at his photography portfolio and just chatted about a bunch of stuff. We talked, drank beer till really late and I fell asleep on his couch.

I woke up early in the morning, forgetting where I was. Dave had got me a pillow and blanket, which I don’t remember getting. I wish I had ended up in his bed.

I didn’t want to wake him so I left him a note and headed home to only pass back out in my own bed until I had to work.

At one point that night Dave and I had exchanged numbers and I must have given him my card for ESPN because he shot me an e-mail.

"really nice meeting you on Saturday. I had a lot of fun I'm just dropping you a line to touch base and say to keep in touch. Other than that, just good luck, man, and we gotta hang out again sometime soon.

Go Yankees!

Who knows how it will end up, but he is sure a cool guy to chill with.


  1. sounds like the start of a bromance!

  2. Take another look at my previous comment. I did not say stay away from the bar scene, I said expand your social circle. Far more people meet their partners at work and other groups compared to bars. However, because your gay, the odds of meeting an appealing partner at work are small. So, that leaves seeking out some kind of gay social or volunteer group. There are gay groups that play sports or go camping\hiking. You should go out and find what is available in your area. If you don’t find any romantically interesting guys in the group, find the guys in the group that appear to have good judgment and in a round about way see if they have any friends that you might be interested in. Just be charming, polite, and confident, don’t come across as needy or desperate.