Sunday, March 16, 2008

I Think I'll go to Boston...

Friday was an interesting day. Since you follow the blog you know I was heading up to Boston with this guy Rick for a Celtics game for a "is it a date or isn't" kinda day. He asked me if I could drive because his car really isn't that great traveling long distance. That was an instant red flag.

We get up to Boston and park near the TD Banknorth Garden (the name of the arena) and head in for a shoot around on the floor. It was pretty fun. I got to take a few layups and shots on the net and did a pretty good job of not embarrassing myself.

After the shoot around we grabbed burgers and beers at Boston Beer Works. We got to know each other a little better and talked about a whole bunch of stuff. I really had to ask about him and the other guy I had met at the party back about a month ago. Turns out they are really good friends who are also fuck buds.

The conversation went from there. He describes himself as a "guy looking for a connection" and doesn't really have an orientation. I really don't mind because he's adorable and at this point in the night, I was getting the vibe that it was going to be just a friends kind of friendship.

After drinking our faces off and somehow managing free beers from the bartenders who were Yankees fans, we headed into the game and I watched Utah DESTROY Boston 110-92.

I am not that much of an NBA fan. I love college basketball. NBA is a different style of play. Hell each conference in college is a different style of play. I really like the passion of college basketball and I am very excited for March Madness.

After the game the Celtics had a Natasha Benningfield concert. She sang acoustic with 2 back up singers and was pretty good. She sang "I Love You" along with her new single "Pocket full of Sunshine"

Everything was done with just that one guitar and backup singers until her last song, "Unwritten" which is the theme song to The Hills on MTV.

The studio track started over the speakers and all the high schoolers in the audience went NUTS. She sang very well and even though it was only a 5 song set, it was still pretty cool.

We drove back to Connecticut and had some great conversation in the car on the way home. Even got to a bar in Hartford before last call.

I dropped him off at his place and we said our goodnights. I then went home for the night... More on that later but here are some pics from the trip.


  1. Wait a minute! Is that last picture of you?! I don't think I've EVER seen a picture of you before!

  2. @lucky: No. That's not JP. But is that Rick?