Friday, March 14, 2008

Boston Bound...

I am on my way to Boston for my date/not a date with Rick. I have come to terms that it is going to be a great time no matter what. I asked him what the plan was for after the game and right now it's all up in the air.

I helped him edit an e-mail to the manager of the department he is applying for. I hinted that he is going up against a lot of people that have at least 4-5 years of solid booking experience, but he thinks that his college resume will "speak volumes to who he is and how hard he works". I helped, I am getting a free Celtics game out of it so why not...

*I started writing a short story today and completed about 4 pages, hand written. For some reason, a random memory came back to me about a drunken night I had in New York City. I was looking in the mirror while in the bathroom and that is a starting off point for my short story.

*A buddy of mine out in LA asked me how my sitcom was coming. I started writing a sitcome similar to How I Met Your Mother and Friends about my times living in NYC. Granted, I lived there for 3 years, but I had plenty of experiences.

My buddy now works in Comedy Development for a major network and was asking because this network is HURTING for great comedy alf hour ideas. I have already registered my idea and plot lines with the WGA (Writers Guild) Right now writing is just a hobby. I would love to one day get paid a lot of money to write and produce a show... and hope that it runs a long time and gets picked up in re-runs.

*This buddy of mine also used to work with me in New York in news. We are both very happy to be out of news. He said, "If there's one thing I've noticed since being away from news, it's that nothing compares to the kind of Crazy you find in the newsroom. Even Hollywood Crazy pales in comparison. Working in that newsroom is like being in a war zone...nothing you ever encounter will faze you."

It's the truth when it comes to working in a newsroom. The place is WHACK.

*the gay stripper from American Idol got voted out last night. I called it before my roomie did his AI pool and he didn't listen to me. I said that he would not get the Southern vote after all the pictures and videos surfaced of him. I still think he is a hot tranny mess. I wouldn't say no to him if he said hi to me.


  1. news is like a war zone huh...riiiiiight. is good morning america more like iraq or afghanistan?

  2. Working in a newsroom is a crazy place. Not as crazy as being at War. You do get de-sensitized to stories coming in and don't look at anything the same way.

    I remember when I was interning and saw a beheading video for the first time. I was in shock for the next few days.

    I think I know who this is and working in NYC is nothing like serving in Iraq. You knwo I would never even think of equating war to an office job. miss you kidd.

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