Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Weekend Review

Well friends, this weekend was very productive. First the big one, I am moving again. No, no, no... not that far away. I decided that I will be moving in with my parents for the remainder of the year. The choice comes down to money. Right now my rent eats up a LOT of my paycheck. Roomie charges me for rent, utilities, cable, internet... and almost all of one check goes to that.

I am pretty much paying his mortgage. It's fine... I have no problem with that and have no problems with my roomie. I talked it over with Momma and Papa Mac and they think it is a good choice for me to make. I will be saving a lot of money in the mean time and will start looking for places to live in December.

The move is not until May. I am giving my roomie notice and me time to get my stuff out of the place and into my childhood room. Well, it also gives me time to clean out, repaint and get my old room ready for me to move into.

For the first time in 3 and a half years I won't be paying rent. I am excited!

Now for the fun stuff. Friday night was pretty sweet. I headed down to see my cousin and my college hockey team play in the ECAC Tournament. My school is known for it's hockey team so it was a big deal. I was given a royal treatment by the school for some help getting them some national attention and given an All Access Pass for life to the Arena. I took advantage of the Alumni Club open bar and buffet and enjoyed some great college hockey.

They won the first game in OT 7-6 against Brown University. After that game I said goodbye to my cousin and ran into Soccer Stud. Soccer Stud is a former player on our Soccer team. I happened to be his Community Advisor his freshman year. He is pretty hot, has a great body and was there at the game because he still lives in town. He invited me over for a beer.

Soccer Stud just broke up with his girlfriend and doesn't know that I know he hooked up with a friend of mine, who is gay. He's in the closet and always gives me a call to "talk" but nothing has ever been talked about. He's a cool guy and have a feeling he doesn't know how to bring it up. It was still good to see him though.

The second game on Saturday, also against Brown, was won 7-1. After that game I went to our old fraternity hangout for a sandwich and beer with a fraternity brother of mine. We talked about his upcoming wedding and bachelor party.

Before the game I had a few texts with a guy I knew in college asking if I wanted to go to Gay Night at a bar in New Haven. I decided to head down and got there and it was dead. All the area schools, including Yale, were on break. Not that many people were there, but I went up to the bar and ordered a beer... it cost me a quarter... It was going to be a good night.

First, I started chatting with the bartender about the Gay Stripper on American Idol. That got this cute Lataliano talking. (Latin+Italian) The guy was really cool. Dressed in a thug way but was awesome to talk with. My friends arrived and they joined in the conversation and the we moved upstairs to the hot bartender I have come to adore.

While upstairs Roomie and some of his friends show up so now we have a big group of people hanging out. As I was walking to the bathroom this really cute guy catches my eye. Skinny, all American looking guy. We start talking and he tells me his name... Ted.

Ted is drunk at this point but our conversation gets off and running. He is also a Giants fan (score!) and works in the same field I do, but lives in Stamford which is about an hour away from me, but only about 20 from my parents house.

We move over to the bar, still talking and he buys me a shot. He goes to the bathroom and the Lataliano comes over and tells me that Ted is really hot and I "better hit that"

I laughed because I have known this guy for about an hour and he is all friendly with me. I laugh and tell him I am trying to work it.

Ted comes back and there is more talking and then he asks me why I said hello. I told him it was because he is hot and thought why the hell not. He kept saying he thought I was awesome. I leaned in and told him he was pretty awesome as well and after I said that he leaned in closer and gave me a kiss on the lips.

I am back! BACK IN THE NY GROOVE! (Song by KISS, also the Giants Touchdown song)

The rest of the night Ted and I danced, kissed and made eachother laugh. By the end of the night he was pretty wasted and gave me his number.

As I was on my way out, Lataliano came up to me and gave me a high five and told me he was jealous that I made out with Ted. I told him I was jealous that he was making out with some cute guy in a grey sweater... He laughed and gave me his phone number.

Two numbers, one night. I feel like working out has been working.

I have been kicking ass with my diet, working out, running and keeping on with what I want to do. Damn it feels good.

I decided to call Ted on Sunday while I was on my break at work. We talked for about 20 minutes about his day, how he lost and found his jacket and had most of Monday off from work. Being aggressive, I sent him a text today late in the afternoon as I walked in the gym asking how is day was. This led to a long text chain and eventually an AIM conversation.

I am not jumping ahead, but it was a great weekend for me.


  1. XLNT!!! Glad you're having fun. (Wuz kinda tired of the "O poor me" JPMac.)

  2. Amazing JP! That's good to hear things are going well for you...things are looking on the up and up for me as well! Talk soon!


  3. Ride that train yo! Keep ya head up!

  4. "Soccer Stud just broke up with his girlfriend and doesn't know that I know he hooked up with a friend of mine, who is gay. He's in the closet and always gives me a call to "talk" but nothing has ever been talked about."

    I hope that you see that this friend of yours is not trustworthy. Not only did he kiss and tell, he outted somebody in the process. How would you like it if one of your hook-ups from your past outted you?

    Nobody should be outted until they are ready to open the door with their own hand.

  5. I should learn how to spell before I preach. I meant "outed."

    I still think your friend is a jerk. The modern version of Dante's Inferno should include a circle for minorities and other victims of discrimiation who hurt their own.

  6. I agree as well. The guy that told me about Soccer Stud is a complete mess. While I was coming out to friends and fraternity brothers he wanted me to bang him, even though he had a boyfriend.

    He would always tell me of his conquests. I only brought it up because he knows I live in Connecticut now and wants to hang out. I didn't use his name because I didn't want to out him. I am waiting for him to tell me on his own.

  7. It's the Preacher again. How about a sharing his Manhunt ID with us so we all avoid hooking up with him and getting outed? ;-)

    I am glad you agree with me and are waiting for Soccer Stud to tell you himself.

    I'm just a kick this week about outing. Dear Abby had a letter in the last week from a grandfather who saw his teenage grandson involved with his granddaughter's boyfriend. The grandfather was not upset about the prospect of his grandson being gay, more that his granddaughter was falling for a gay guy. Abby suggested he talk to his grandson about what he saw. WRONG! Whatever he saw, he should let the grandson tell him when he is ready.

    J Z

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