Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oh Chace

Chace Crawford and J.C. Chasez are rumored to be dating. I would really love to see the Gossip Girl star having some naked fun with any guy. Including me. The two were spotted at an Oscar party together and later took a trip to Vegas together. They have also been rumored to have moved in with eachother. Good for them.

I really liked seeing him shirtless in The Covenant. I also hope that the two come out as an official couple. Would be hot. Even if they are dating I doubt either will talk about the relationship right now.


  1. That scene in the covenant where those guys are shirtless was HOT. My favorite was the guy that plays Riggins in Friday Night Lights, but your right, hot scene. Made seeing that movie worth it.

    I read your blog, don't comment much but glad you had fun on your date with Rick.

  2. well that settles it. In going to have to watch gossip girl now.

  3. JR and I were talking about this earlier today. I just think that they are really good friends...Chace really doesnt ring my gaydar at all.

    JC on the other mo mo mo...what a mo!

    With that being said, I still don't think they are fucking...I am pretty sure they have the same publicist and that is why they are always at the same events together.

    They would make a really pretty couple tho

  4. You need to take a look at Long Lost Son, he's shirtless through most of the second half of the movie. Beautiful!!

  5. i kinda sat by chace at the john varvatos show and i have to say, especially at a fashion event one would expect his rainbow colors (if, in fact, he has any) to come shooting out, and i definitely concluded that he's straight as an arrow.

    and jc--he's just a dick.


  6. This would be a great rumor. It is so sad they can't just be out and celebrate. It would be a tough life to live.