Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Pentagon's Ray Gun

I am a big fan of science fiction. It is such an escape for me. It always has been. I can remember being young and loving He-Man, Thundercats and Voltron cartoons. Then I saw Star Wars on VHS.

I loved it.

My grandmother saw my love for space and got me hooked on Star Trek: The Next Generation. I do not wear the costumes but as a young kid I had the action figures and the various ships from the series including the Enterprise.

Anyway, why do I bring this up? I was watching 60 Minutes and one of their stories was on a weapon they have that is pretty much a large ray gun that can repel crowds up to a half mile away.

“Officially called the "Active Denial System," it does penetrate the body, but just barely. What happens when the beam hits a person? "It's absorbed in the top layer, 1/64th of an inch, which is about three sheets of paper that you’d find in your printer," Col. Hymes explains”

Its one of the non-lethal weapons that the Pentagon is working on. Watching it on TV was pretty cool. They have been testing it for years to see what, if any side effects there could be. It has been cleared to be sent to Iraq this summer.


  1. I saw the piece on this on Sundayon 60 Minutes.

    This thing is so fucking cool, but don't you think it will be hard to move around. I mean people said once they get out of the way of the gun, the effects of it go away. And the thing is pretty huge to move easily.

  2. Or they could just play Yoko Ono really loud - that would repel me.

  3. "Cleared to be sent to Iraq" ???? hahahaha .... u silly fools, this weapon has only one intended purpose: to be used on American citizens.