Monday, March 3, 2008

Dinner Date and Weekend

I had my “dinner date” with Rick. Last post I talked about how I thought he was out for just a job. I brought it up to a few of you who still read and tonight was the night it happened.

He left a few hours ago and has since texted me saying he had a good time talking about where I work but he liked seeing me more. Now I am just LOST!

This past weekend I did pretty much nothing. I have been fighting off a chest cold that had me really down. Thursday I left work early and spent all of Friday on the couch in and out of consciousness watching movies and catching up on DVR episodes of some shows.

Saturday was more of the same and at night I ended up getting the strength to meet my best friend John for a drink at his wife’s restaurant. It’s an Italian American nook that was very “trendy”. Feeling good (on cold meds) I had some Jack Daniels and we talked at the bar. Really good time and I even got a gift from him! (more on that after I get it out of the box!)

Overall the night turned out to be great. I met up with Rick for a night cap and we somehow managed to end up at an after party in a Hartford apartment building that is brand new and very nice.

I’m still up in the air about Rick. I can’t get a good read on him. Right now, I am happy that with our friendship and see what develops.


  1. Can never have too many friends....thats what mom tells me anyways.

    Hopefully it can grow into something more tho...good luck!

  2. Awesome JP! take it slow and see what happens...

    Also, drinking on cold meds is a no-no...

  3.'re a hard guy to please!

  4. Glad you fun! Hope it turns out well for you!

  5. sounds pretty cool either way man, date or a friend, at least you have stuff in common.
    feel better soon man.

  6. Consider this…maybe Rick started off trying to network with you in hopes of getting a job, but instead falls for you, ends up spending the rest of his life with you. Stranger things have happened.

    Point is, be extra charming and non-judgmental at this point. If he is a good guy and you can help him get a job, why not? Haven’t we all been in a place where we needed a job, and especially needed a favor from someone in getting that job. It is not like he is trying to scam you out of some money, right?

    I understand your concerns about being played, but just know that being your friend and maybe boyfriend is not mutually exclusive from a job search.

    Time will reveal all in this situation, just be cool and open to the possibilities.