Tuesday, February 26, 2008

JP gets asked on a date (?)

I sort of got asked on a date. Although I need some advice on what to think of it and how to proceed.

First... the guy. His name is Rick. I met him at the Winter Ball a few weekends ago and he is one of the guys who said he was bisexual. He added me on facebook and sent me a message saying it was great to meet this weekend.

Over the course of our messages he mentions that he had applied to a job at where I work, but had not heard back yet. He asked for my cell phone number and proceeded to text back and forth about what we were doing, weekend plans and tv shows. He is a big fan of LOST and Jericho... two of my favorites. We then started talking about sports teams and which ones we like.

I am going to pause here and say that at this point I was really into him.

During our texting about going to the gym he asks me to a Boston Celtics game in March. He has floor seats for the game and wants me to come along. I am thinking that this is going to be great.

Then that feeling crept into my gut. I felt like he was talking to me about getting a job and not about getting to know me. I'm being cautious.

I think that this "date" of sorts is going to be more of a getting to know you guys night in Boston. I don't know if we are staying over in Boston or any other details.

Like I said before I don't really know what kind of weekend this is going to be. I just don't know what to expect. It's confusing.


Now, like I had said in a previous post, I added my profile to Connexion.org and have yet to have someone send me a message to say hi or try to connect. I will say this, there are not many profiles set up here in Connecticut.

I was on Towleroad and saw the ad posted above for mypartner.com. I WANT A TAILGATE PARTNER! I wouldn't mind one of those guys to go to a game with and possibly have some nasty bedroom fun with them.

This past weekend was alumni weekend down at my college. It's not bad living closer to where I went to school because a bunch of guys I know live close by still and I get to see them. I realized that I want to move down closer to the people I already know in the New Haven area and away from Hartford. I really think where I am living now is contributing to my funk that I feel I am in.

I have a great job, I party with friends and have a good time with the people I know. That lonely feeling has really been kicking my ass lately. Fuck!


  1. I saw that ad on your post and realized that I want a tailgate partner too. I love going to college football games and think that would make it all the better. Where are all the guy's guys in this world?

  2. My suggestion: Simply communicate. Ask the guy (in person, not via email or text; on the phone if you can't see him face to face is acceptable), are you interested in a date or using me to get a job? Simply asking can clear up a lot of misunderstandings.

  3. nah, don't be cynical. the best way to sort out his motives right from the beginning is to immediately establish just how much pull you have in securing him a job at your company. if it's very little, simply announce that.
    if it's a lot, lie about it and say it's a little, and if his tone changes, bingo! you'll know what's up.

    good luck ;-)

  4. hey there, i liked ur blog!
    i would be extra cautious with that guys...sounds nice but all the job thing sounds weird...and the fact he is bi is not helping either. greetings from israel!