Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Saint Patricks Day

Happy International Drinking Day everyone! I have been celebrating the holiday all weekend. I say weekend because this is Day 4 of my 4 day weekend and I have been incredibly lazy the last few days. I'm going to pick up where I left off... I dropped Rick off at his house and started to drive home when I got a text message. I did not have the number saved but it was about 1:45am and the text went like this, "I'm an ass for never getting back to you. What's up?"

I really didn't know who it was. I started to think and then I said, "Who is this?" I wasn't going to play a game. "It's Eric"

I met Eric back before my birthday in February and we had a lunch date which went pretty well. He then fell off the face of the earth and never called me back.

After the text, "It's Eric" he called me. He said he wanted to explain what happened and invited me over for a drink.

I accept and drove over because I was pretty close. Now, I know what you are thinking... late night booty call. It was in the back of my head that it could happen and almost banked on it.

I walked into his apartment and it's really nice. Eric on the other hand was a complete mess. He started to talk incoherently and tried to get me to down some tequilla. He tried explaining how he had a lot of stuff happen the last month or so and felt like an ass for not calling me.

I quickly realized that this guy was a mess and needed to get out of there. After about 15 minutes of him apologizing and trying to get in my pants I decided to leave. I told him I was tired and needed to get home to go to sleep.

I really felt bad for him because it looks like he is having a rough time... but then again, who isn't right now.

I was supposed to be in New York City this weekend but because I am pretty much broke I am staying in Connecticut. Hope everyone is enjoying themselves today.

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  1. That is so weird that he was like that. I'm glad you got out of there!