Sunday, February 17, 2008


Well, the weekend post is back and it’s a good one. Friday night was a drunken good time. It started out with Dinner with my buddy Sully, who is a NYC cop and was up for his girlfriends sister. We had dinner at an old college hangout and drank our faces off. His girlfriend wanted us to go back to her sisters dorm and hang out there. We really didn’t want to, but we did.

Next thing you know we are playing speed quarters and beer pong. It was an amazing night.

Saturday was a lot more fun. It was cool to see Sully and plan out St. Patty’s Day in NYC, but Saturday turned into a good time. I ran my miles and then collapsed on the couch. Watched a movie, made some pasta... relaxed.

Later on I started to get ready for what roomie and I were calling The Prom. Every winter, a DJ in Connecticut throws what is called the Winter Ball at this house. It's a house party but better. Everyone gets dressed up, a limo brings you from a parking garage to the party and once inside everyone is looking good. Either from the booze or being dressed up.

Roomie and his friend Kate started to make rounds but somehow I lost them after running into a guy I worked with at a bar while in college. We were talking for a while, catching up. After that I found some of roomies friends I have met before and talked, people watched.

Overall it was a great night. What made it great is that I got to meet some new people and even got a few phone numbers.

Quick rundown -

EMO Guy - I was getting a beer for myself out of the tub (it was like college but everyone was dressed up) and this cute guy who looks like he should have been in Fall Out Boi says hi. He has a band and is trying to get that off the ground while he works at the GAP. He held a conversation, which was nice. He then introduced me to his friend Rick.

Rick - Very cute, stylish. He was always smiling at me. Made me feel good.

The three of us were talking music and then the topic of sports came up and how I work in the field. That brought up an interesting question from EMO guy. "So you play for our team?"

I asked which team and to just ask gay or straight, shouldn't be that big of a deal. I said gay and they looked at eachother and said they both got out of relationships with girls but are very open to being with guys. As Erik said when I told him this: "Bi is the last stop on the express to Gayville." I laughed.

Rick and Emo both wanted my number to keep in touch. Since then, Emo added me on Facebook.

Rob - This guy walked into the party and I knew I wanted to talk to him. I said hello and he had just got there and needed to find friends. Later on in the night we bumped into eachother again. He's a hot italian who is looking to go to med school. We talked for a little bit, but the alcohol was kicking in for me. So we exchanged numbers and hope to meet up sometime while I am sober.

Overall, it was a good night. I had fun, met some cool guys, got to dance to an awesome band and came home with a smile on my face.


  1. JP, glad you got over that "OH, poor me!" spell.......
    Sounds like you're back in form.

  2. great post, JP. sounds like some fun party. ahh yeah, such a team player buddy, and always after the new recruits...ha

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