Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Work Crush E-mails

Knocking out a quick entry before I head to the gym and work. Last night at work we got a bunch of prank calls from some kids in Minnesota who had a snow day today and were bored and drunk in their parents basement. I don't know why the operator kept sending them to us but whatever.

I got up to head to the water cooler to fill my water bottle up and Work Crush was standing by the printer. He looked good today. Most days it's nothing more than a "hi, how are you?" and then I just stare at his ass and chest the rest of the time he is around.

I walk by and he says "Hi JP" first! WOW. So calm, cool and collected I respond with "Want to talk to a prank caller?" That starts off a conversation about the prank callers, baseball, a mention of his ex-girlfriend and working in college radio.

He was a baseball player and majored in French. Hmmmmm... anyway, he had to start working and did his thing as I went back to my desk and worked.

I had a minor freakout when I got an e-mail from the NFL with the title "Giants sign Chad Johnson to 2-year contract" I freaked out. There is a WR from Cincinnati who is looking for a trade and thought of him... but it was not him. It was a Vikings practice squad guy and this Chad Johnson was signed to the Giants Practice Squad.

I thought it would be funny to freak out a few people I work with and send them the same e-mail... I heard a commotion and my Senior Editor came over to me to ask me where I found this? I asked him if he had read the whole thing and then he laughed outloud.

For some reason I included Work Crush on the e-mail. He got a kick out of it.

"Nice, pretty funny stuff. I'm a huge Jaayyyyyyyyy Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Ssssssssssss fan though. Figured I should let you know."

A Jets fan... no big deal. The Giants and Jets don't have much of a rivalry. No big deal. I ask him who he wants to QB the Jets next season and what he hopes the Jets will get out of the draft.

He responds right back with his thoughts... about 4 paragraphs long... then at the end:

"What are your off days? Curious if the new editors get slammed like the PA's do when it comes to having regular days off."

Hmmm, he is wondering about my days off. I tell him Fridays and Saturdays. He tells me his days off and leaves the e-mail conversation wide open with no question, just his response. So I tell him at least he can watch some college basketball or head to a UConn game, then I went for it and asked where he is living up here since his family is back on Long island.

" I'm right around the corner. You?" - WAS THAT AN INVITATION!? I am kidding of course but it was just fin to get that from him.

I tell him where I live, and that it's on a golf course and can't wait to start playing again. he responds... "That's nice man. We should definitely get together at some point when our days align."

and so it begins...


  1. Nice, aren't email convo's fun.

    Jets, Giants, sigh.... go Patriots!

  2. Way to go, work that crush! It'd be cool just hang out with him even if he is straight. Think he is? Ex girlfriend doesn't mean anything as we all know. Well, good luck with it.

  3. hey, sometimes work crushes can actually turn into really good friendships.

    or not.