Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm NOT Complaining...

BUT... I have not got a call back from my lunch date that I had on Saturday.


Well, (readers name) I will tell you.

Eric is the name of the guy I met a few Saturday's ago and last weekend we met for lunch at a place near the mall close by. He was sitting at the bar waiting for me. Looking very cute and I realized that there was a reason why I was attracted to him. He has a shaved head (ala Cooper) and is very articulate.

He's smart, funny, and held a conversation the entire date. You know there are times where there is some awkward silence, there was none of that. I did find out that he is a little bit older than I remembered.

I have nothing against older men, I really don't. I just wish he hadn't lied about it at the club. I still think he is a nice guy.

I called him on Sunday after I got dinner with some friends at my favorite college haunt, SideStreet. He was already in bed... at 8pm. We had a quick conversation and that is the last I have heard from him. I called him for lunch, I called on Sunday. I feel like I have been initiating all the contact.

I am complaining that I haven't heard from him. I just think it's bullshit. Send me a text... quick voicemail when I am at the gym. Dating sucks.

So, Connexion is apparently all the rage with a bunch of bloggers. K told me I should join and I have done so. I would link to my page, but might inadvertently out a few bloggers that I am friends with on there.

I haven't decided if my pictures are good enough. We all hate the way we look.

Happy Valentines Day! I usually HATE V-Day. I have never had a real Valentine on this day and it's kind of sad. This year I really haven't thought about it until yesterday. I have decided that my Valentines are all the new friends I have met this past year of my life.

To those who have someone they love today, have fun and get laid. For those who are single, go out and get laid too!


  1. Yeah, JP, dating sux. But, it beats the alternative!

  2. Connexion was started by a 'boarder boi named Ryan in Denver. He is also a professional snowboarder and the leader of Outboard, the gay snowboarding group. If you wanna have a great time, join us in Breckenridge in early April for some riding.