Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Work Crush Update

Ahh work crush. The guy I will never get. I had an interesting exchange with him a few days ago. I was working and walked over to talk with a co-worker and he and I exchanged glances. I finished my conversation and was heading to the gym. As I walked by him he said hi.

I paused. Might have had a minor panic attack but I said hey what’s up?

He said, "You’re JP right?" I nodded.

"Thanks for the e-mail the other day."

A company e-mail went out about his promotion. I saw it and sent him a congratulations. We had some small talk about the super bowl and how he is a Jets/Mets fan (sigh) and it was a fun little exchange. He was busy doing stuff for our late show and I was on my way to look sexy.
It was an awesome little exchange and we to this day have little conversations back and forth. He is a big fan of horse racing… needless to say, I have been reading up on the ponies for the last week or so.

UPDATE – a buddy of mine who works along side Work Crush is having a party in the next few weeks and is inviting WC. I have been hitting the gym harder!

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