Friday, February 8, 2008

So Much to Say

So much to fill you guys in on... As you all know I am still riding a high that is the Super Bowl. I went down to the parade on Tuesday with my father, sister and guys we tailgate with. We found an awesome spot on Broadway to watch the parade from and thought that it was fitting that we were near the World Trade Center. The first championship since 9/11 came from the Giants and the celebration was amazing.

What I do need to fill you in on is my Saturday night. This guy Murph who went to my college wanted to go out in New Haven to Gotham Citi, a gay bar. So we hit up the club and the guys we met up with started buying me drinks. As K knows, I talk to anyone when I start drinking and there was this cute guy, rugby player build, standing by himself. I went over to say hello and ask why he was all alone. We got to talking. He just moved back from Spain where he was teaching english and is now a professor at one on the Universities here in CT.

We had awesome conversation and he asked if I wanted to go out and dance. We did. He leaned in and kissed me while dancing and that kiss turned into a little make out session at the after hours downstairs in the basement. We exchanged numbers and he called me on my birthday to wish me a good one!


We have talked on the phone a few times and we plan on meeting up! PERFECT!

Speaking of perfect.... There are a few commercials out there that were pretty awesome on the super bowl... here are my favorites.

Here is the Patriots version.. that NEVER got aired!


  1. what? guy who teaches English overseas? prolly speaks Spanish... damn sounds hot, i def need to return to NYC. now if only i played rugby, andfind some after hour staircases.... ha
    great post JP, keep having some fun.later.

  2. Hot!!!

    What did I tell you playa?

    You're cleaning up!

  3. rugby player build, professor, cute, phoned you on your birthday.