Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Crap, it's Tuesday!

I got shit from 3 people yesterday about not posting. It's been busy since I last posted.

* My grandmother is in the hospital again. She has been in and out the last 6 months with stomach problems. I went to visit her on Saturday and Sunday.

*I had a huge meeting at work last Thursday that went VERY well. While I can't talk about what the meeting is about, I can say that my hours and pay would JUMP if this happens.

* Friday night I met up with a guy named Mark for drinks. We had Italian class together in college one semester and then he transfered to UConn. He found me on Facebook and has been chatting and wanting to meet back up.


JP: Let me explain... I am giving Mark a chance but just don't feel anything like that for him. I am trying to change my style. The night we met up for drinks we talked the entire night. It was funny. we talked about what guys we liked in the bar, my job, what he wanted to do and how he has a crush on a friend who he wants to be gay.

He is very flirtatious to me, which feels amazing. I pause with hesitation because of his job situation. He is graduating with a Masters in Psychology next month and is applying for jobs in New York and around Boston.

My new motto is "Whatever happens, happens."

*My sister seems to have the same problem with men as I do. About a month ago she met a guy out at a bar in NYC. They hit it off and went out for drinks a bunch of times, talked and started texting each other. A few weeks ago she went into the hospital with kidney problems. After a few days of not talking to him she sent him a text saying she was in the hospital.

She's now out of the hospital and he had not returned any of her calls. Turns out he found someone else and is now dating this other girl. I guess the problem runs in our family.

* Congrats to my friend Victor and his new job up in Boston. JP will be in Boston at the end of the month for a pub crawl!

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  1. Kid we are so drinking when you're up here for the pub crawl!

    Thanks for the shout out!