Thursday, April 17, 2008

High School Updates

Over the last several months, many of my high school friends have joined Facebook. It's not as creepy as Myspace and you can control what other people see. What's great about it is that you can see what has been happened to the people you grew up with.

I graduated from high school in 1999 and our college class of 2003 missed the Facebook boat by a year... Since I had taken time off and transfered I graduated in 2004 when caught on...

Anyway, I have been collecting high school friends by the day and it's funny how some people peaked in high school and are now just lowlifes.

I had the biggest crush on this guy Austin starting back to 6th grade. He was tall, athletic, and one hell of a baseball player. He grew to be 6' brown hair and blue eyes and the ladies went wild over him. He was a bad ass. We had 7th grade English class together, sat in the back of the class and would always talk about random shit. I can remember when I first started jacking off thinking of Austin...

We were on the same baseball team and remember talking about jerking off and who he wanted a blow job from...

Anyway... in high school he was one of the more wanted baseball jocks. Senior year he took a turn and quit baseball and started smoking a lot of pot with this guy Dave. He dumped his girlfriend and started having tons of sex with young girls and never applied to college.

On my High School alumni group someone had posted a police blotter item about him... He passed out from inhaling freon by a pond in my hometown. When the police got there he was so high he tried running away...ran into a tree and passed out again... it's so sad.

3 guys I played football with are currently in prison, one guy who was a total douche got arrested for DUI twice in two days while going to Law School... but not everyone is a tragedy.

Overall, it's great getting little notes from people from the past.


  1. I can't believe how many people think it's no big deal to get arrested and/or do hard time.

  2. Yo the same is happening for me as well! I'm like "where the hell did you come from!"

    Ugh, I have to plan my 10 year high school reunion this year . . .

  3. yeahhhh sadly, facebook is the only reunion i'm going to have! nobody's making any sort of motion to plan one, and since '09 is the 10 year mark, it's not looking to sharp.
    which completely sucks because i was planning a big 'romy&michele' moment, too. damn.