Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hartford --> Buffalo

Why the hell would I want to go to Buffalo? LONG STORY. I was thinking of going to Buffalo one of the upcoming weekends for a "visit" and someone had suggested I look into flying because it would be "cheaper than driving the 7 hours"

I decided to take a look at flights for shits a giggles and found that it was ridiculous to even try for a long weekend.

* The cheapest non-stop/round trip package was $975

*The most expensive with a layover was $712. Going to Buffalo I would have a 20 minute layover (on the same plane) in Rochester and then on to Buffalo.

Coming home was HILARIOUS.

Buffalo to Detroit (3 hour layover) ... Detroit to Cincinnati... 2 hour layover... Cincinnati to Hartford.

Needless to say, I am not going to fly to Buffalo.


  1. How 'bout look into the train. I'll bet there's service there.

  2. Um, or look into JetBlue. $209 roundtrip. I am a travel agent. Ask me these things!!!