Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cursed Weekend

Well, it's been a while since I posted and have been neglecting you guys. Well, what can I say... I really do think I am cursed. I wrote why I think I am cursed back in June and got some great perspective from people.

I hate complaining about men and life because I have some really great stuff going on in my life. First, my job is amazing. As a sports nut, beig able to work with these sports and be around people that are just as crazy about it as you is awesome.

I am adjusting to life in the suburbs. I drive, I go to Target and Stop & Shop for groceries. I miss city life. I hung out with Cooper, Brechi and Billy on Friday night and had a blast being back in New York and it was like I never left. Although, the three amigos (Billy, Brechi and Cooper) made it an early night I still had this guy Justin around.

Justin and I met about a month before I left NYC. A certain bartender introduced us and we talked for the night and he is really an awesome guy. Sarcastic, into sports, very funny and can hold an amazing conversation. We made out on 8th Ave as I was leaving the bar and we have met up a few times after that and had the same outcome. We never did anything else besides make out.

Back to Friday night... Billy Brechi and Cooper and I are at Therapy and Justin texts me that he is at GYM. So I ask the guys if they want to go to GYM and they all say sure. Get there, talk to Justin, he's distracted... not by the UConn game we are watching but by something else.

I introduce him to the boys. The boys call it a night and leave me with Justin, who 5 minutes later excuses himself with a cell phone call and never returns. I know what you are all thinking... but it's not that. I leave GYM and go to Barracuda. He calls me because I am no longer at GYM. He says he is having "problems with his ex" I don't know what that means. He has since texted me and asked me if I hate him for leaving and not coming back and has apologized and "wants to make it up to me" I waited a day to respond to his text. I was mad at him because I wanted to spend some time with someone that I liked being around. Not to mention the sexual tension has been killing me.

I told him that I was disappointed at what happened and that I did not hate him.

Another boy dilemma is this guy Mike that I had talked with / hooked up with last week. I want to get to know him and just waiting to hear back from him. The proverbial ball is in his court.

As far as being cursed... I just want to meet someone... is that too hard to ask?

Anyway, enough blabbing about this. I need to focus on other stuff... like finding an apartment.


  1. I don't think the question is whether you're cursed, it's whether you can multi-task or focus on only one guy at a time.