Friday, October 19, 2007


Last night was a fun night for me! Well, all of yesterday was nice. It was a day off and I had a meeting with a girl who works at Alumni Affairs at my University. She invited me to lunch to talk about a position on the alumni board as a young alumni society rep. We talked, I accepted and got some free season tickets to hockey and basketball out of it!

While I was in the area I stopped by the TKE house to say hi to the brothers and talk to my Little Little brother who is turning 21 this coming Monday. My friend Meg invited me over to her place for some dinner and who am I to turn down free food.

Meg is very fun and I am sure you will be hearing a LOT about her on here now that I am in CT. We drank some wine, talked, caught up, watched Grey's Anatomy and the Sox-Indians game.

My friend and fellow co-worker Dane came down to new Haven to hang out for a little at this gay bar. I wanted him to come down and he did. I met two of his friends, of whom I don't remember their names. The bar was, well, a weird mix of people.

There are guys here that try WAY to hard. let's pack all the crack snorting diva-wannabe-twinks, who think their shit don't stink into one club. That's petty much the way I could describe last night. Dane and Friends are obviously not included in that description.

I'm on my way home and I get a text from a guy I met on Myspace. Before any of you judge me hear me out. Since I have moved back I decided to look at the profiles of guys in my area and if they seemed fun and someone I would want to hang out with, I said hello. A few have responded back and have been great. I exchanged numbers with this guy nammed Mike and Boy what a hottie he is.

He couldn't sleep and wanted to call and talk. Since I was in the area I met him at a diner and we grabed some food and talked. Great conversation and we were both very flirty. He ended up following me back to my hotel where we had some fun and also talked for a little bit. He is very sweet and something clicked.

That whole feeling lonely thing just flew out the window.

I am on my way to New York City tonight to hang with Billy and Cooper. Hope all is well with you guys.


  1. Wow, u're pretty hung! Lol, sorry, the pic speaks a thousand words!

  2. no doubt.

    - eliot