Thursday, November 9, 2006

Hi and stuff

Hello to all of you coming over from Slugger's ClubhouseCloset blog.

Err.. ok, this is akward. I only have 4 posts and didn't want him to "link" my site until I had AT LEAST 10 healthy posts on my here, but no big deal. He already posted my link so no biggie.

I just got off the phone with "Slugger" and he was making a post as we were talking on the phone. I was about to go to bed and then he went an started linking to me.

I guess, read my first post, get to know me better and keep reading in the coming weeks and months. I am a big fan of debriefingtheboys. I kind of want to model my blog after his. If you haven't read his blog, you should go do so. It is very entertaining and he seems to be an awesome guy.

To kind of "out" him, Slugger will be at the Bears/Giants game with me this Sunday. I am an avid New York Football Giants fan. I have been attending home games since I was 6 years old. I know crazy, eh. The tailgating will be insane for this game and I can't wait for it.

Then next Friday I leave for Orlando/Jacksonville for a few days. I am spending a few days with some old friends that I interned with at Disney World on the College Program then heading up to Jacksonville on Sunday night to catch the Monday Night Football game between the Jag's and Giants. Not too bad....and Yes.... I am crazy about the Giants.

If you are in the NYC area, don't be a stranger, say hello. I am off to bed right now to get some sleep for work tonight. It will be my first blog entry tonight working so check in and see what my sleepless mind has to say.


  1. hi there from a misplaced new yorker
    in philadelphia for school. great blog, cant wait to read more

  2. hey welcome to blogging. look forward to hearing more great posts. later.