Thursday, November 9, 2006

The Gym and The Trainer

I work out at NYSC (New York Sports Club for those not in NYC) and have a "personal trainer" It's really hard working my hours, 10pm-9am OR 3am to Noon, to do any of the following:

a) Stay in shape
b) sleep
c) have a normal social life
d) sleep
e) eat correctly
f) sleep

I mean, I try so damn hard to do so, but I always end up tired. So I joined NYSC with the hope that with all the crap I eat working overnight that I would get myself into better shape and be able to meet a guy that won't be like "Wow, nice beer gut."

Anyway, I am on my way to a better body and have been feeling better about myself and I owe it all to David, my personal trainer. I have had 11 sessions with him so far, about 2 a week and I am beginning to see my strength increase, my body weight and fat go down and I am feeling better about myself.

David is "straight". I use that term loosely because my friend Shane from school knows I have a "thing" for straight guys. David is a meathead, jock that everyone had at their high schools. He was probally one of the dorky football players that girls wanted to sleep with JUST BECAUSE they were a football player. We both enjoy some of the same television shows, South Park Family Guy, Dane Cook specials, the Simpsons, and JERICHO.

Ok, Jericho is a tv show on CBS about a town in Kansas called Jericho that survives a Nuclear bomb going off in nearby Denver. It's a thrilling story on at 8pm followed by LOST at 9pm on ABC. We are both addicted to the show and we talk about it all the time when I work out with him. He also likes to talk about his sexlife with his girlfriend. They just broke up, and he still bones her. he is also banging some "girl" that works at the gym. But also talks about all the gay trainers at the gym.

I kind of want to ask him about the gay trainers at the gym. I don't know. He hasn't asked me about MY sex life. It's not very thrilling, but will bring some recaps here soon.

What should I do?


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  2. Looks great! I am looking forward to reading it!

  3. Forgot to tell you b4 that I found your blog from A Gay Athlete's Life. I also see a trainer twice a week. He is gay too. I work out with him at a private gym and go to 24 hour fitness on my own. Luis has be hugely helpful to me and he's a natural flirt so we have fun with that too but that is as far as it goes.