Monday, July 14, 2014

2 years later

Apparently it's been two years. Time really flies. A lot has happened in two years. I have a new job. I'm still single but have had some crazy dating stories. I also forgot about this blog. Most people give up, try again, give up, try again.

This time I'm coming back to the blog with a story that comes full circle.

My date with David was amazing. He's a fantastic guy who I was extremely attracted to. After the fireworks I remember heading back to his apartment and having our own fireworks display. I needed to shower before work and we decided to take one together. It was hot. It was fun. Most importantly I had a huge smile on my face.

David and I hung out a few times after that but he decided to tell me he just wanted to be friends.

Was it my weight? (Note: I've now lost 35lbs since then)

Was it something I said? You ask yourself all kinds of questions when you get put into the friend zone.

It took some time but I moved on to other guys. First and second dates. A lot of dates being canceled at the last minute.

A long distance relationship with someone I met on Twitter. (long story for another day)

Two years & one day later I saw David again but this time on Fire Island.

My friends Carlo and Dubs wanted to go somewhere 4th of July weekend and we decided on Fire Island. We got off the ferry and who do I run into but David. I had not seen him out in a very long time. Last time I had saw him he had a boyfriend who was a banker (read: douche) and was traveling the world with him.

"Hey you." He drunkenly slurred and then proceeded to make out with me. I had been off the ferry and on the island for about a good 5 seconds.

"What are you up to this weekend? You're looking good. Come to my house." He continued in one continuous sentence. He gave me his address and said to come by after tea.

Of course my friends rolled their eyes and thought it was amazing that I immediately knew someone and got myself into that situation.

David came to join us on the beach and said to me that he was thinking about me all day on the 4th and really didn't realize how romantic the date had been and that he wasn't in the right frame of mind to date someone when we had met.

Today, I wouldn't give him a second chance. I feel like we had our moment, moved past it but can still be friends. The old JP never would have thought that way but now I am wiser, stronger and fuck I look good.

More stories to come. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July

It's been a while, eh?

A lot of shit has happened over the last few months. I've met a few guys, had some flings and most importantly learned a lot about myself and my friends.

I've had my roommate move in on a guy I asked out on a date, lie about hooking up with him and then finally confessing to me that he did hook up with him after I found out through other people. I hate drama. He always tries to swoop in and add me into his crazy and I just got tired of it. My roommate could be an entire book worth of of shit about my roommate.

Moving on... I managed to have an incredibly romantic 4th of July. The above picture was my view of the Macy's fireworks here in NYC. I was also able to meet up with this guy David that I have been talking to over the last few months.

David and I met on Grindr. Our conversation just sparked and we hit it off right away. Messages moved on to texting and then phone calls. We first met up in the beginning of June and there was an instant spark. Have you ever met someone that you just fall for immediately? There was something about David that just gave me butterflies in my stomach and made my heart pound harder than it has in a long time. There is something special about David. I can't put my finger on it but he is special.

I worked all morning on the 4th and woke up in the afternoon planning on just hitting the  gym and then heading back into work. Last 4th of July I spent it by myself... drinking a beer on my rooftop surrounded by people having fun before heading back into work for a 12 hour shift. Even though I had to work I wanted to have some fun.

David and I had been texting while I was at the gym and he asked me what my plans were. Since I had none I asked him if he wanted to catch the fireworks together. We met up near his apartment and grabbed burgers. Sitting in this burger shop we just talked, drank beer and smiled at each other. A lot.

If you have ever been down to Hudson River Park you know that it's a fantastic place. On the 4th of July, if you don't have a pass to get into the "Macy's Area" it's hell. You are trapped in pens set up by the NYPD. There are people EVERYWHERE. We went down there and expected to get an ok spot to watch the fireworks and it was packed with people.

Luckily I ran into a friend of mine who is a cop and he was able to bring me and David into the NYPD family area right up against the water to the south of The Frying Pan.

Leading up to the show, David and I found a quiet spot on the grass to sit down and hang out. We talked and just enjoyed each others company. He's fantastic.

It was such a great time. I'm taking him to his first Yankees game on Friday. I'm hoping that he has the same feelings I do because I can't stop thinking about him.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dating, Fuck Buds and Breaking Up

Life is pretty good for me right now. In the dating sense that is. A big change in my life is that i dropped 2 jean sizes and am wearing a 34 waist for the first time since middle school. I have always been a big boy and dropping pants sizes has been fantastic.

I've had a pretty active dating life since I stopped seeing Chris.

The first guy I dated was this guy Lenny. He was young, immature but incredibly fucking hot. He was also a complete dick to me on the nights we hung out. He did not live in the city which was fine with me. When he did come into the city we hung out. What's awful is that I knew that this "relationship" would not last and end up fading away because it was based all on sex.

Lenny was incredible in bed.Once night after sex we were laying in bed talking and he said he needed to tell me something and that I could not judge him after hearing what he had to say... Turns out that Lenny had acted in a few Sean Cody/Corbin Fisher movies. I wasn't upset... I was actually impressed with myself that i was able to land a former porn actor and that I was able to satisfy him in bed.

But he's 25 years old and incredibly immature. It ended mostly because he's a dick and I refused to let a guy like that make me feel like shit. Something that did make me feel good out of the whole situation is the fact that he sent me a text shortly after I told him how pissed off I was at him saying, "I wish you weren't mad at me."

There was always Nate. Nate is the Broadway actor with whom I have messed around with occasionally. He's a tall guy and our friendship is based solely on sex and getting off together. We are both attracted to one an other but for the most part... it's just sex.

I love New York for the simple fact that there are always guys around to have sex with other guys out there to meet. If I had been living in Nebraska... I am sure I would have settled on someone else by now. But there is always someone better out there waiting to date.

I had a "bros-before-hoes" moment last week that is just too good to pass up telling. It has led to two great dates with a new guy I have been seeing. Hoping it all works out.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Another Valentine's Day has come and gone and I'm single.

"Wait, what happened to Chris???"

I truly put a lot of effort into trying to make a relationship work with Chris. There are two reasons I'm not dating Chris anymore.

1) He's a smoker. That is a deal breaker for me. I honestly tried to look past the smoking but when you're a non-smoker and you date a guy who smokes... it can be a real turn off. No matter how much gum he chewed and how much mouthwash he used... I still smelt and tasted it.

2) On our 4th official "date" we grabbed dinner at a place near my apartment. Conversation is easy with Chris. He took a smoke break before we ate dinner. When he came in from his smoke break we talked about his upcoming trip to Atlantic City with his best friend Whitney. I had met Whitney the night john and I met. They are best friends. She is his fag hag and he does not stop talking about her. I forget what kind of job she has but her off days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. So Chris changed his off days at work to match his best friends so he could hang out with her. He also has no intention of changing his off days because as he told me, "Whitney would kill me"

The next part of the conversation kinda scared me... He brought up how cute I looked in a YouTube video dancing. There is a video of me dancing on a TV show I was on a few years ago. Whitney found it... while she was running a background check on me....

Now... I am all about Googling and even glancing at Facebook to check a guy out after I've met him. Most of the time it's for my nosy friends who always want to see a picture of the guy I've met. His best friend ran an entire background check on me... he even asked me why I lived in Florida for a few months (I did an internship)

Maybe he somehow found this blog too...

I tried. I really tried. The smoking, background check and his undying love for his best girlfriend did me in. He's a nice guy. Sometimes it just doesn't work out. That's fine. Just wish i did not have to spend Valentines day alone... again.