Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dating, Fuck Buds and Breaking Up

Life is pretty good for me right now. In the dating sense that is. A big change in my life is that i dropped 2 jean sizes and am wearing a 34 waist for the first time since middle school. I have always been a big boy and dropping pants sizes has been fantastic.

I've had a pretty active dating life since I stopped seeing Chris.

The first guy I dated was this guy Lenny. He was young, immature but incredibly fucking hot. He was also a complete dick to me on the nights we hung out. He did not live in the city which was fine with me. When he did come into the city we hung out. What's awful is that I knew that this "relationship" would not last and end up fading away because it was based all on sex.

Lenny was incredible in bed.Once night after sex we were laying in bed talking and he said he needed to tell me something and that I could not judge him after hearing what he had to say... Turns out that Lenny had acted in a few Sean Cody/Corbin Fisher movies. I wasn't upset... I was actually impressed with myself that i was able to land a former porn actor and that I was able to satisfy him in bed.

But he's 25 years old and incredibly immature. It ended mostly because he's a dick and I refused to let a guy like that make me feel like shit. Something that did make me feel good out of the whole situation is the fact that he sent me a text shortly after I told him how pissed off I was at him saying, "I wish you weren't mad at me."

There was always Nate. Nate is the Broadway actor with whom I have messed around with occasionally. He's a tall guy and our friendship is based solely on sex and getting off together. We are both attracted to one an other but for the most part... it's just sex.

I love New York for the simple fact that there are always guys around to have sex with other guys out there to meet. If I had been living in Nebraska... I am sure I would have settled on someone else by now. But there is always someone better out there waiting to date.

I had a "bros-before-hoes" moment last week that is just too good to pass up telling. It has led to two great dates with a new guy I have been seeing. Hoping it all works out.


  1. Is Lenny the name he use in sean cody or corbin fisher sites? Can you put some picture of him? Sorry the curiosity, but, if you can't put a picture or his real name, respond a question: the pornography studios sell him as a gay man or "straight" gay-for-pay?

  2. Yeah, CF is one of my fav sites, now I'm curious to know who you were banging! I know you're too good of a guy to post a pic though, but a hint would be awesome! Please!

  3. Down to a 34 waist? You skinny bitch! Go you! Way proud JP!

  4. JP- you know how I post dry, lecture-ish comments? I'm going to say something different this time. You're young and live life to its fullest while you can. If it means having a sex buddy (or two), go for it. Things will fall into place in good time.

    Also, sorry for the absence. :-)