Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Another Valentine's Day has come and gone and I'm single.

"Wait, what happened to Chris???"

I truly put a lot of effort into trying to make a relationship work with Chris. There are two reasons I'm not dating Chris anymore.

1) He's a smoker. That is a deal breaker for me. I honestly tried to look past the smoking but when you're a non-smoker and you date a guy who smokes... it can be a real turn off. No matter how much gum he chewed and how much mouthwash he used... I still smelt and tasted it.

2) On our 4th official "date" we grabbed dinner at a place near my apartment. Conversation is easy with Chris. He took a smoke break before we ate dinner. When he came in from his smoke break we talked about his upcoming trip to Atlantic City with his best friend Whitney. I had met Whitney the night john and I met. They are best friends. She is his fag hag and he does not stop talking about her. I forget what kind of job she has but her off days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. So Chris changed his off days at work to match his best friends so he could hang out with her. He also has no intention of changing his off days because as he told me, "Whitney would kill me"

The next part of the conversation kinda scared me... He brought up how cute I looked in a YouTube video dancing. There is a video of me dancing on a TV show I was on a few years ago. Whitney found it... while she was running a background check on me....

Now... I am all about Googling and even glancing at Facebook to check a guy out after I've met him. Most of the time it's for my nosy friends who always want to see a picture of the guy I've met. His best friend ran an entire background check on me... he even asked me why I lived in Florida for a few months (I did an internship)

Maybe he somehow found this blog too...

I tried. I really tried. The smoking, background check and his undying love for his best girlfriend did me in. He's a nice guy. Sometimes it just doesn't work out. That's fine. Just wish i did not have to spend Valentines day alone... again.


  1. I'm sorry man. You did give it a good shot though. I wish you all the best as your search continues.

    At least your Giants won the Super Bowl.

  2. Hey, I saw you're following my blog so here I am checking yours out :-) Sorry things didn't work out with this guy. Smoking would definitely be a deal breaker for me too.

  3. I don't blame you for not wanting to be with a smoker. It is quite the challenge to get over that smell.