Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Whelp, I think I have a boyfriend

A funny thing happened this weekend. I introduced Chris to a bunch of my friends this weekend. Pretty much every one who met him loved him. My friend Mark, who seems to be my best friend here, thinks he's an awesome guy. This was the third night we ever hung out together and I gotta say that I am just really happy around him. He walked me home and I told him to come upstairs with me because "it was cold out" He ended up spending the night and we honestly just cuddled next to each other that night. It was fantastic. The next morning we were talking in bed about everything and nothing when he told me that he doesn't want to meet anyone else and that he loves spending time with me. He wants to focus on me and only me. With out doing the whole "Do you wanna be my boyfriend" high school question he essentially told me that I am the only guy on his radar. I lied and told him the same thing. I know... You're screaming... "JP you're a fucking idiot" I know. I just could not tell him that I have also been seeing this guy Nate for the past few weeks. Nate is this incredibly looking guy who I met at a local bar. He lives up in Harlem and is a Broadway actor/grad student. When hanging out with straight friends I make a decision to stop at at least one gay bar on my way home before turning in. This one night back at the beginning of December this guy Nate approached me. He is just all kinds of fantastic looking. I started conversation with him and we just hit it off. He's a bit young but for what I am looking for but he was just so cute. Turns out that he had come up next to me because he thought that I was really cute. Since meeting him I have hung out at the place he waits tables to just say hi and see how he is doing. I haven't seen him since before Christmas and he's been a flake since we last saw each other. Right now I am extremely happy that I have a guy like Chris who likes me, tells me that I am handsome and even roots for the Giants. Did I have the heart to tell this guy that I have gone on dates and have been interested in other guys. No. In my mind, Nate was a play toy that I thought I wanted something more with because he's incredibly hot. Chris is the whole package. I'm focusing on him.


  1. congrats. enjoy reading about your journeys.

  2. After reading half of this post, I can honestly tell you I'd be that friend who would punch you in the gut, telling you to end it with Nate. Hopefully hard enough to make you think it was the Universe. Maybe that's a little harsh, but as a writer, I think you have a good handle on words. Plus I just tell it like it is.